How to choose a shoe

Shoe racks are located no further than the hallway, porch or at the entrance to the reception room. They serve to neatly store shoes, help maintain cleanliness, order and economy of the entrance area. This piece of furniture can be used both at home and in public areas, for example, at the entrance to the spa, treatment room, sauna, bowling. Of course, models made of moisture-resistant wear-resistant materials are suitable for such placement.

Models with an open design, without back and side walls, are lightweight and enhanced ventilation — you can dry your shoes right on it. Other types of shoe cabinets are closed at the back and sides with solid walls, and products with a door in front are called shoe cabinets.

Shoe cases with a top cover and a soft seat on it allow you to sit down and change shoes with convenience. Hinged lid models with a drawer can store shoe care products, gloves and other useful little things.

To select a suitable shoe model, it is necessary to clearly understand how it will be placed in the hallway, project its overall characteristics to the place of intended installation. It is better to make sure in advance that the height of models with a seat will be optimal for planting all people from among the hosts and guests. If the width and depth correspond to the free space of the hallway, then the outer edges of the furniture do not interfere with movement even in the cramped conditions of small-family apartments.

When the shoe rack is selected taking into account all the details, it favorably complements the decoration of the entrance area, expands comfort, and therefore emphasizes the qualities of the owners’ personalities: accuracy and love of order.

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