How to choose a cable for your smartphone, tablet or other mobile device

Buying a new cable is not difficult at all! There are not many types of connectors, remembering your own is not difficult, and any electronics store has many options for suitable cables. How to choose the right cable for the gadget — in this article.
There are 3 main characteristics when choosing a cable.

Mobile device connector

This is the first thing to find out before selecting a cable — the type of connector on your gadget. There are not so many options here:
If you have an iPhone, then the connector on this device is lightning.

Most devices from other manufacturers use different versions of the USB connector.

These are USB type-C, mini USB and micro USB. If we talk about mini USB, then at the moment this connector belongs to the old types of smartphones and devices. Therefore, it is very rare.
USB type-C, on the contrary, is the most modern type of connector and is used by a large number of manufacturers of mobile equipment.

Second wire connector

This connector is inserted into the power supply or connected to another device (laptop, portable charger, etc.)

«Classic» USB 2.0 standard with Type-A connector. Type-A is installed on most chargers and on all computers, so it is not surprising that cables with a second connector of this type are the most common.

USB 3.0 with Type-A connector may be required if the USB 2.0 speed of 480 Mbps is not enough for you. The third version has a maximum transfer rate of 5 Gbps.

USB 3.1 with a Type-C connector is becoming more popular every day, as many modern tablets and laptops are equipped with such connectors.

Forward current

One of the most important characteristics, especially if your gadget uses fast charging. The USB 2.0 standard limits the current to the gadget to 0.5 A, which is what “regular” USB cables are designed for. What will happen if the charging current of your gadget is higher? There are two options, both are bad: the cable will either heat up, “draining” part of the power into the atmosphere, or the charger will immediately determine that the cable is low-ampere and simply will not give an increased current. In both cases, charging will go noticeably slower than usual. Look at the regular memory of your gadget.
What is written after the word OUTPUT? 2A? For such a throughput, you need to take a cable.

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