If your little one dreams of a magic wand and loves good fairy tales, it is very important not to knock her down! After all, children need to believe in miracles, and a happy childhood should be filled only with bright colors!

In order for the little princess to grow up in an atmosphere of miracles, surround her with kind stories about girls like her who resist evil with good and create real magic! The heroines of the cartoon «Fantasy Patrol» teach children not to retreat in the face of difficulties, to believe only in the good and appreciate friendship. A bright puzzle of 64 elements with favorite heroines will be loved by the little one! Assembling the puzzle will help develop fine motor skills of the hands.

The magical friends and their favorite Enchantimals Animals love spending time together and always take care of each other. Such a positive example is very important for children, because it teaches them to be kind, sympathetic and responsive. A beautiful puzzle of 64 elements will turn into a colorful picture with familiar plots and will become a wonderful decor for a child’s room.

The heroines of the cartoon «My Little Pony» know everything about magic and friendship! Their stories are always filled with kindness and love. Their adventures are watched with interest not only by children, but also by adults. And even dads are not averse to admiring Pinkie Pie and her friends! A cosmically beautiful puzzle of 64 elements will bring a lot of fun to girls. A positive inscription makes a stylish poster out of the puzzle, which will become the highlight of the little princess’s room.

And since we are talking about real magic, we have collected all the puzzles in one set so that your little one can collect the entire collection of miracles!

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