How I got a Korean grooming kit (and now I spend half the time and money on makeup)


My name is Masha Tsvetkova and I am a beautyholic. Or, to be completely honest, I had to become one, because Since adolescence, I have suffered from constant oiliness on my face and rashes.which I used to hide behind a layer of foundation and matting powder.

Well, as you know, choosing the right tool is another task. So I had to learn to figure out which tone rolls off after an hour of application, which one tightens the skin, which provokes acne even more, and which one feels more or less normal on the face.

Plus, in addition to these two basic products, my daily beauty routine consisted of contouring (yes, nature didn’t reward me with sharp cheekbones either), highlighter, shadows and mascara. As a result, such makeup took a lot of time (about 40-50 minutes), so in the morning I got up long before work. And all in order to feel beautiful …

— «Tired!» — I once said and asked a friend to give me a quality facial for my birthday to make my life easier.

And she gave. The gift box contained four green products: toner, serum, day cream and night cream with snail mucin

Then I began to delve into the term «multi-stage care.» On the packaging of HISKIN products, each step is highlighted with a green circle, so that it would be easier for people like me to figure out before what to apply. So, according to the brand’s recommendation, after washing with foam or gel, you need to apply toner, then serum and cream. So I did.

As part of the toner, AHA / BHA acids, which very carefully remove dead skin cells, thereby stimulating the formation of new ones. Snail mucin is very pronounced in the texture of the product — due to its ductility, it creates a light protective film over the skin that saves the face from UV rays and external factors.

Immediately after application, I got soft skin without peeling and irritation. This made me very happy, so with the hope of more, I went further down the list.

Now it’s time for the serum. It addresses specific skin concerns, so it’s important to be clear about what you want to combat. In my case, an emergency recovery was necessary — here HISKIN snail mucin serum, rich in collagen, vitamins A, C, E and B, saved me.

Usually it needs to be applied in a course so that skin cells are renewed faster and the general condition of the face improves. I did just that. After a week of use, it became noticeable that small pimples were gone, and the skin became more velvety and smooth to the touch.

And here’s a piece of advice for you: in order for the active substances of this highly concentrated product to be better absorbed into the dermis, the serum must be collected on the fingertips and driven in with quick movements along the massage lines. For the purity of the experiment, you can even compare the effect of the usual application and what I advised. The difference, as they say, on the face.

Mandatory at the end day (or night) cream. He works to consolidate the result. Everything that has managed to be absorbed into the skin since the start of care will firmly sit in the dermis, thanks to this tool.

Due to the snail mucin in the composition, the day cream stretches coolly, while being applied and absorbed very easily. It seemed to me that thanks to this texture, it is even better distributed throughout the skin:

And the day cream additionally moisturizes, smoothes and neutralizes irritation, protecting the skin for the whole day ahead. Now I don’t go outside without it at all — the sensations are not the same.

Night cream enhances recovery processes. It has a more concentrated composition and dense texture, so it works like a night mask: the skin is nourished in the morning, the tone is even, and in general the face takes on a healthy, well-groomed appearance:


I will say this: the most difficult thing in multi-stage care is not to forget about it 🙂 But it took me two weeks to get used to it. And, of course, the main motivation is the result. When you see that the condition of your face is improving “before our eyes”, then you are no longer lazy and apply each remedy in order. Checked on myself.

It was a discovery for me that you can use something other than a face wash and look your best even without makeup. That you can live without acne and constant irritation, using the necessary care. Now I am only sad for my skin, which has endured humiliation for so many years and suffered from lack of nutrition. But if I had solved this problem earlier, there would have been no rashes all this time, which these two weeks of using skin care products proved to me.

So, if you are looking for working and proven products and are tired of capricious skin, I highly recommend taking a closer look at HISKIN Korean cosmetics.
I wish you all beautiful skin!


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