Fluffies often come to their owners in bed at night or in the morning. Why does the cat sleep at the feet?

Thus, they recognize the owner as the leader of their pack and leader.. And it’s convenient there. If a cat crawls out on its head at night, it really likes your hair or the smell of your skin, which is why cats often like to sleep on their owners’ pillows.

So, how do cats choose with whom to sleep and what they are guided by:

  • warm (if it is warmer in your bed than on the sofa, they will come to you);
  • soft and comfortable (the answer to the question: why do cats sleep on things);
  • safety (cats come to their owners to feel confident and comfortable);
  • control (with the owner it is easier to assess the situation and respond to it — that’s why cats like to sleep at their feet);
  • pain (some owners believe that cats have healing energy and heal).

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