Good sleep is the best investment in tomorrow and WHICH PILLOW TO CHOOSE


There are a lot of pillows on the market right now. anatomical, orthopedic, anatomical orthopedic, gel, memory foam — eyes run wide). What is the difference between them and which one is right for YOU, we will understand in order.

So what is ememory effect?

Material Memory foam (memory foam) was invented with the support of the NASA space program, was used in space flights, and was designed to reduce the load on astronauts. Now it is widely used in medicine and the domestic sphere, including orthopedic and anatomical pillows. Memory Foam is absolutely hypoallergenic and safe even for children and pregnant women, does not accumulate dust mites, prevents the development of bacteria, the service life is up to 10 years!


Both products are useful for sleep, but differences significant and consist in the principle of approach to rest.

The difference is that it contains ORTHOPEDIC CUSHIONS more additives that give the material elasticity and strength, this allows you to maintain the neck in an ideal position. This pillow makes a person lie down as needed for the correct position during sleep, which ensures the prevention of osteochondrosis.

In the early days, while sleeping on such a pillow, users may experience discomfort — this is normal. Usually you get used after 1-2 nights.

For production ANATOMICAL PILLOWS they use a softer composition that completely repeats the curves (anatomy) of the body, so the pillow itself adjusts, which creates a feeling of weightlessness and relieves the muscles of the cervical and shoulder regions very well, gives complete relaxation and comfortable deep sleep.

CRUMB-FOAM CUSHIONS designed for lovers of classic super soft down and feather pillows. This is the same anatomical Memory Foam, only chopped. Unlike molded anatomical pillows, the pillows of their crumbs — foam are even softer, airy and weightless, and we remember the absence of bacteria, dust mites, environmental friendliness and hypoallergenicity!

Now let’s talk about GEL CUSHIONS with thermoregulation — one of the latest medical inventions. These pillows have the same anatomical properties, only a hypoallergenic foam gel is added to the composition, which maintains the desired body temperature and does not cool, but removes heat from the head and neck during sleep. For those who sweat at night, this is the perfect option!

Well then! We tried our best and now it’s easy to choose exactly what you need!

We wish you happy shopping and Remember: good sleep starts with a good pillow!


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