Elastic, medium, soft: which pillow to choose?

If in the morning the neck becomes numb, the head hurts, heaviness in the back is felt, then the pillow is not rigid enough. It’s time to change it.

Degrees of hardness

Pillows are classified according to the degree of rigidity into 3 types:

Elastic (hard) Doctors recommend pillows for people who are used to sleeping on their side to ensure that their neck and spine are in a straight back position. The height of the models is 11-16 cm. And this pillow is also convenient for those who watch TV and puts it under their backs.

Medium. Such models are the best option for those who sleep on their backs. Pillow height — 8-10 cm. Most people like such pillows. Quite a lush pillow, but the head does not miss it in a pancake. Holds head and neck well. The main thing is not to put your shoulders on it — only your head and sleeping on it is a pleasure.

Soft. Doesn’t mean low. It is lush, but easily slipping. For teenagers, women with small shoulders. And most importantly — they are comfortable to sleep on your stomach. These pillows are suitable for those who often roll over in their sleep. Look for the «Lyubava» pillow.

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