Elastic, medium, soft — which pillow to choose?


If in the morning the neck becomes numb, the head hurts, heaviness in the back is felt, then the pillow is not rigid enough. It’s time to change it.

Degrees of hardness

Pillows are classified according to the degree of rigidity into 3 types:

  • Soft. They are low (6-8 cm), light, it is comfortable to sleep on them on the stomach. These pillows are suitable for those who often roll over in their sleep.
  • Medium. Such models are the best option for those who sleep on their backs. Pillow height — 8-10 cm.
  • elastic Doctors recommend (hard) pillows for people who are used to sleeping on their side to ensure that the neck and spine are in a straight position of the back. The height of the models is 11-14 cm.
  • Pay attention to pillows with adjustable height.


The required degree of rigidity is achieved due to the density and volume of the filler. Down pillows are soft, it is better to choose goose down as a filler. They are well ventilated, for which they are loved by connoisseurs of comfort.

If you add a feather to the fluff, then the degree of rigidity will increase to medium. The larger the volume of feathers, the harder the pillow. Sheep wool, artificial swan down, natural latex and bamboo fillers are used in pillows of medium hardness.

Hard pillows are most often filled with feather fillers, silk fibers mixed with silicone, buckwheat husks, cedar shavings, or artificial latex. Bamboo is also used.

Who will suit

Men and women need to choose a pillow with an eye to the position in which they sleep, and on the state of health. For people with osteochondrosis and other problems of the spine, it is important to fix the cervical region in order to ensure the anatomically correct position of the body, to relieve the load from the back. To do this, you need a pillow of medium or above average hardness.

It is important for hypertensive patients that at night the head is above the level of the body — this position in the event of a hypertensive crisis will prevent blood flow to the brain and hemorrhage. Medium to hard pillows work well for this task. With fragility and fragility of blood vessels, a tendency to puffiness, it is better to sleep on a soft pillow, because it does not squeeze the skin and does not damage blood vessels on the face and neck.

In «Daryona» there are pillows for the whole family — with different fillers and different hardness.


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