Your pillowcase can ruin your hair. Here’s how to avoid it

Shock content! The cause of overdried, brittle hair and split ends is not always in hair care products. Often the fabric that your hair is in contact with is to blame.

The most frequent and most important contact with hair at home, that is, every day, occurs with towels and pillowcases. Well, with bed linen, if you suddenly like to hide your head under the covers. Therefore, you need to know how to choose the right fabrics for these accessories without sacrificing hair quality. For an answer to this question, we turned to Yulia Goncharova, a stylist, hairdresser and colorist with many years of experience and expertise.

Criteria for choosing towels

  • Too high absorbent properties of the fabric are a common cause of dry hair. These should be avoided.

Such fabrics absorb moisture from the hair too quickly, while becoming instantly heavy and wet. The hair inside can either heat up or never dry, as the moisture from such towels leaves slowly.

  • Hypoallergenic fabric — suitable option.

It is ideal for sensitive scalp and generally redness-prone skin.

  • The size of towels for drying the head must be carefully selected.

And choose according to the length and density (that is, the number) of your hair! The towel should completely evenly cover all the hair, and not just part of it for better absorption in all areas.

  • Pile should ideally be absent.

Or be very small — then the hair will not fluff and electrify. In addition, if there is no friction on the pile, there is a chance to avoid mechanical damage: wet hair is more fragile than dry. In order for the hair not to become thinner over time, they need to be dried during 20-30 minutes after washing: while the hair is wet, the keratin fibers “swell” and are even more easily damaged by friction or fabrics.

Criteria for choosing pillowcases

During sleep, the hair is in contact with the pillowcase for a long time. Therefore, it is important to protect them from excessive friction. How to do this? Choose bed linen from fabrics with the softest composition. So, for example, linen is a fabric that is too coarse for hair: when rubbed with it, the hair becomes more electrified, magnetized, becomes overdried and takes on a duller appearance.

Particular attention should be paid to the choice of pillowcases for owners of curly hair.

The more curly your hair is, the more delicate the fabric with which it comes into contact should be. If you are unable to use soft fabrics for sleeping, it is better to wrap dry curly hair in a silk turban before going to bed.

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