Which t-shirt to choose for a tall girl

What is the perfect T-shirt for summer?

  • natural composition.

T-shirts made of natural fabrics are well breathable, do not disturb the thermoregulation of the body, they are not hot in summer.

  • Fabric pleasant to the body.

T-shirt should be comfortable, soft and light, not restrict movement. In hot and stuffy weather, it is especially important that clothing does not irritate the skin.

  • Comfortable style.

Someone likes a loose fit, while others like things to fit… It is important to choose your model in which you will feel 100%!

  • Perfect fit.

For a T-shirt to look good both loose and tucked in, it must be the right length. The shoulders, of course, should also be “in place”, then there will be no extra volume or, conversely, a feeling of tightness.

  • Universal color.

Stylists recommend making a basic wardrobe of plain T-shirts. If the colors are complex or there is additional decor, then there are much more restrictions when creating summer looks (besides, embroideries and drawings often become unusable before the T-shirt itself, spoiling its appearance).

Two perfect t-shirts for a tall girl

If your height is over 180 cm and you are looking for the perfect T-shirt for the summer, then be sure to check out the catalog of the EVERY PERSON tall women’s clothing brand. In it you will find two cool basic models in different colors. T-shirts are sewn according to unique patterns, taking into account all proportions of high growth. They not only have an elongated style, but also do not straighten out of trousers and skirts, sit perfectly on the shoulders (unlike men’s T-shirts, which tall girls often have to wear due to the fact that everything is short in the women’s departments).

Cotton straight-cut T-shirt

The t-shirt is made of dense, opaque cotton with a slight addition of lycra. Straight cut allows you to feel free and comfortable, even if there are figure flaws. This is a universal, all-season model that should be in the wardrobe of every modern girl. It will definitely not go out of fashion and will be relevant for a very long time.

Fitted bamboo T-shirt

A more feminine model that accentuates the waist and beautiful bust relief. For tailoring, a soft bamboo fabric is used (also with the inclusion of lycra for elasticity). T-shirt is light, soft, very pleasant to the body.

Try on both and choose the best one, but be prepared for the fact that love at first try will happen and you will have to take both! 😉

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