When choosing a bowl for a pet, you need to look not only at the design and material of the product, but also choose the optimal height and size of the bowl.

Dimensions and height of dishes

The height of the bowl is selected taking into account the size of the cat and the one-time feed intake. Small kittens need to purchase a bowl with low sides. For adult representatives, a bowl with a depth of 3-4 cm will become optimal. The base of the bowl should be wide so that it is convenient for the cat to get food without touching the sides with its muzzle.

The most comfortable bowl shapes for a cat are round and oval.

How the breed of cats affects the choice

The choice of a bowl for water and food is also influenced by the breed of the cat, or rather the shape of its muzzle. For example, it is better for representatives of a flattened face (British, Persians, Exotics) to purchase a bowl with small sides and a small depth so that they can freely reach the bottom of the dish, licking the remnants of a delicious treat.

Shallow bowls are also recommended for long-haired cats so that the fluffy fur does not get dirty during the meal.

A drinking bowl for cats should have small sides and a wide base. According to the volume of the container for an adult cat, 250-300 ml is enough. It is advisable to choose a product with an anti-slip bottom to prevent the dishes from rolling on the floor and the risk of spilling liquid.

When choosing a bowl for a pet, consider all of these nuances and focus on the individual needs of your cat. Do not save on the purchase of the necessary equipment, buy high-quality products that are safe for the body of animals.

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