The range of school shoes is constantly growing. From a variety of styles, eyes run up. To help you with the choice, we decided to create a kind of guide that will help you choose a model.

School uniform or free style.

Different schools have different requirements for school clothes. If you need to adhere to a strictly business style, then the ideal option is ballet flats or neat shoes for girls, classic shoes for boys. Instead, you can have loafers or brogues.

If the form is free, and you can walk in jeans and other everyday clothes, then sneakers and sneakers are perfect.

Of course, modern fashion allows you to mix styles and wear sneakers for business attire. In this case, it all depends on your taste and school rules.

Child collection.

Even when choosing a shoe model, we recommend comparing the massiveness of the models with the build of the child. For example, actual shoes with massive soles are not always suitable for girls with thin legs. And ballet shoes, designed for a narrow leg, do not sit on a high instep at all.

Also, boys with a high instep should not choose narrow classic shoes. When buying online, pay attention in the description to what size the model is recommended.

The assortment of the IRIDIS brand has many models in different styles and for different types of children’s feet.

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