What shoes to choose for an active child


In the photo, the model of the brand’s shoes IRIDIS article 44484815.

Activity is a sign of a child’s health! Kids love to run and play and that’s okay. The only problem for parents is what to put on so that the child is comfortable and the shoes look neat.

In the article we will give some tips on how to choose shoes for active children. It is important that if the child is going to play football or other sports games, run a lot, then it is better to wear sports shoes specially designed for such activities.

When choosing shoes for school, for walking and just for every day, pay attention to the following.

LEATHER — must be of high quality and sufficiently durable.

SOLE — Suitable for medium hardness and flexible enough. A very soft one will wear out quickly, and a hard one will be uncomfortable.

FRAMEWORK shoes should keep their shape and not deform when pressed. This is important for children’s shoes, as the foot must be fixed for proper development and safety.

PROTECTIVE CAPE — shoe detail for active children. Protective toe protects the leather on the front of the shoe from bumps and scratches. Looks stylish. The special material is durable and resistant to damage.

Brand IRIDIS offers a wide range of shoes that have all the listed qualities. There are great options with a protective toe.


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