What color bag is suitable for any season?

Minimalism is in fashion right now. Everyone talks about excessive and unreasonable consumption, including clothes with accessories.

One by one, stylists create basic or capsule wardrobes, when literally 5-7 items can be used to create more than 30 different looks.

What is convenient — you can pick up two to all of them — a maximum of three bags. But what color bag to choose so that it goes well with everything in summer and winter, with any clothes and shoes, that is, is it universal? The task is not easy, but today we will solve it.

Stylists and designers have been thinking about this issue for a long time and have identified basic colors that can easily fit into almost any wardrobe, style of clothing and shoes. Of course, they will not work 100% of the time, but at least 70% of the looks will look great — and this is already a victory.

The S.Lavia factory has prepared a selection of bags in universal colors.

These colors are:

  • grey, blue;

  • beige, brown;

  • black.

Moreover, the first two are much more versatile than black. It is beige and gray bags that can fit almost any clothes and shoes.

But, of course, it also depends on what color prevails in the wardrobe. For example, if the entire wardrobe is in beige tones, then the bag should also be beige or brown — blue and gray may not be suitable.

You can see even more models and colors in our S.Lavia store.

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