We warm the legs: how to choose comfortable shoes for the winter


Despite the fact that November turned out to be quite warm and we hardly have to walk in winter shoes, we still need to prepare for the cold season. Today we figure out how to choose warm shoes for the snow.

There are several factors that play an important role when choosing shoes for a child. Let’s consider them in more detail. So:

Convenience. If the baby is comfortable in shoes, then he will be able to walk for a long time and his legs will not get tired. Therefore, it is worth choosing shoes according to size and in no case buy for growth. The margin in length should be from 0.5 cm to 1.5 cm. Give preference to models with laces, as they are more durable than Velcro, and besides, tying shoelaces develops fine motor skills in a child.

Ease. In winter, the child is already dressed in several clothes, which means it becomes harder for him to move around. Therefore, he does not need additional weight on his legs. Be sure to choose light and practical shoes.

Sole flexibility. If the sole when wearing shoes does not flex in the same way as when a child walks barefoot, then this option can lead to the development of flat feet. In addition, there is a load on the ankle. To prevent this from happening, consider models with a flexible and lightweight sole that will not burst in sub-zero temperatures. Today, manufacturers make soles from materials such as ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA), thermoplastic rubber (TPR) and others.

Stability on slippery surfaces. To avoid falls and injury, it is important that your shoes are non-slip. Therefore, choose models with protectors, corrugated soles.

Breathable materials. It is best if children’s shoes are made of breathable materials — such as genuine leather or a membrane. Membrane shoes are wind and waterproof, so a comfortable temperature is always maintained inside the shoe. Remember that when wearing membrane shoes, you need to wear socks with elastane or with the addition of other synthetic fibers.

If you have already decided on shoes for the winter, then read our article on how to choose outerwear for a child. We examined in detail which insulation is suitable for a certain temperature.


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