Tourmaline filter or how to make water procedures as useful as possible


Most wellness procedures require an investment of time. Modern life is arranged in such a way that people do not have enough of it to take care of their own health. There is no time to go to fitness, run in the park, prepare therapeutic and preventive drinks. Meanwhile, the body becomes clogged, the nervous system is in constant tension. Already at the age of 30, many diseases “knock” that were previously detected after 60-70 years.

A tourmaline shower filter is a great alternative to complex health-improving activities.

What is a tourmaline filter

Tourmaline is a mineral that contains infrared radiation (14-15 microns) and a constant electric charge — 0.06 mA. The infrared radiation of the stone is comparable in wavelength to the radiation of human cells.

The described device is a special shower head containing tourmaline stone. The water passing through the nozzle during the washing process is filtered and enriched with useful substances. As a result, water procedures become not only hygienic, but also health-improving. Regular intake of such a shower has a positive effect on health, providing a preventive and therapeutic effect on the body.

People wash before bed, in the morning and throughout the day. It is worth supplementing the shower with a tourmaline filter, and bathing will turn into an unobtrusive treatment. The effect will not be long in coming. Soon there will be more vivacity, a desire to act, a positive attitude.

Degree of impact

The filter stone acts in several directions at once:

• ionizes liquid;

• eliminates chlorine;

• destroys pathogenic microorganisms;

• cleans from salts and heavy metals;

• Enriches water with energy.

All of the above has a positive effect on the work of the body. The speed of exposure and its nature depend on the individual characteristics of the person.

Expected effect

Regular use of the tourmaline filter gives the following effect:

• cells are restored, their self-regulation occurs;

• improves blood circulation;

• reduced muscle pain associated with weather changes;

• swelling of the legs is removed, pains disappear;

• sleep improves;

• increases immunity;

• pass stress, nervous tension, fatigue.

Thanks to the nozzle, the body is gradually rejuvenated. So unobtrusively there is a prevention of many diseases that could come in the coming months or years.

Since taking a shower is a tradition, the wellness procedure does not require additional time. You just wash and at the same time get rid of health problems.

Who is shown the procedure

Tourmaline shower has no contraindications and is recommended for everyone. It is worth thinking about acquiring it for families with babies, the elderly, athletes and those who have health problems. For example, athletes, the procedure with tourmaline will help to recover from grueling workouts. Older people will feel much better. Children taking the described water procedures will become less likely to get sick. The health filter will positively affect their growth and development.

Tourmaline is not only used in the shower. Stone filters are used to purify water, they are supplied with rejuvenating face masks. The mineral, whose properties were discovered back in the 19th century by Pierre Curie and Marie Sklodowski-Curie, is successfully used in the 21st century for prevention and treatment. Having no contraindications and side effects, it can be an excellent alternative to drugs.


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