Top 3 Tips How Rug Can Transform Your Bathroom Interior


Many do not dare to decorate the interior of a bathroom or bathroom with a rug. Some people think that this is not practical, but in fact, such an accessory can not only transform the space, but also make visiting the wet area more comfortable and enjoyable.
1 Choice and basis of material:

An important role in creating comfortable conditions is played by

choosing the right carpet material. Today rugs are made from:
• Cotton. This material is very pleasant to the touch, completely natural and does not cause allergic reactions. True, it needs to be washed and dried more often than synthetic counterparts in order to avoid decay and the accumulation of bacteria.
• Acrylic. The material has a large number of colors, and is also processed with special agents that prevent the growth of bacteria.

• Microfiber. It is easy to care for, does not fade or change color over time, and does not form spools.
• Rubber. Such options are well suited for showers, where the humidity is very high.
• Bamboo. These rugs will last longer than cotton products. They are environmentally friendly, pleasant to touch, and they are able to create a comfortable atmosphere in the interior.
The basis of the rug is no less important than the main material of which the product is composed. So, the most budget options often have a completely rubber base. This is not very good, since such rugs do not allow moisture to pass through and do not “breathe”. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to models in which the base is made of latex. This material prevents the development of fungi and microbes. 2
. Why do you need a rug in the bathroom: Most of the bathrooms and toilets are tiled with ceramic tiles. Walking without shoes in such rooms is at least not cozy and cool. Especially after a hot bath. First of all, the rug will save your feet from the cold and make your stay in the bathroom or bathroom more enjoyable. In addition, some synthetic mats absorb moisture well, which eliminates the need to wipe the floor after each exit from the shower. And, of course, another indisputable plus of the rug in the wet area is the transformation of the interior.
3.Design mats: For a small room, you should choose a rug with a dynamic pattern, for example, with rhombuses or zigzags, then the interior of the bathroom will not be boring, and visually this will play a visual increase in space. If the room is too narrow, then a rug with horizontal stripes is suitable for decorating the floor, which will visually make the room wider. Disadvantages of the layout can be hidden by choosing a bright accessory. It will act as a color spot and distract attention from the minuses.
Do not be afraid of contrast, as often a rug that differs in color from the floor looks very impressive and juicy. It makes the space interesting and creative.

* And also, in order for the rug to always please with its appearance, it requires constant care. The rubber, silicone and vinyl options are easy to clean and dry at a moderate temperature. Acrylic and cotton rugs can be washed with mild detergents in the washing machine. In this case, you should choose a delicate mode and low water temperatures so that the products do not lose their attractive appearance after washing. They can also be periodically vacuumed or shaken out, dried on the balcony.


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