A sedentary lifestyle is the scourge of modern man. First we sit at a desk at school, then in the office, in the car… In the sitting position, there is more pressure on the spine and muscles than in the lying or standing position, which means that the time spent on a chair should be treated with special attention.

If you sit a lot because of necessity, then you know how tired your back is from this. When you straighten up, it brings only temporary relief. Someone sets aside time for a little warm-up, someone reminds himself to get up and walk, but often such undertakings lack regularity — and people remember that they should move when the neck is already stiff and the lower back is stiff.

However, you can make the sitting position less harmful and save yourself from future problems with the spine — this is a special pillow for sitting.

Seat Cushion Features:

— a special shape that allows you to take the correct position on the chair;

— regular use of the pillow will help you forget about old pains, and new ones will not arise;

— The pillow will help people suffering from pain in the coccyx.

Types of seat cushions

Anatomically shaped seat cushion

The special shape of the anatomical seat cushion allows you to wrap around the body and thus significantly increase seating comfort; protrusions and depressions ensure the correct position of the body. Such pillows often have holes that people suffering from hemorrhoids will appreciate.

U-shaped pillow

For those who may not get up from a chair for several hours in a row, a U-shaped pillow has been developed — with a recess in the back, where the coccyx area falls when landing, which reduces the load in this area. The more even shape allows the sitter to change position repeatedly during long periods of sitting.

Seat cushion «ring»

She is also a «donut» — it is this pillow that resembles it in shape. The recess in the middle of the pillow allows you to distribute the weight of a person on the hips, and the area that traditionally suffers from a sitting position — the sacrum, coccyx and pelvic ring — fall into the void.

wedge pillow

The name speaks for itself — the pillow has the shape of a wedge, the person sits as if slightly inclined, which creates the effect of a knee stool. Can be used on a car seat or computer chair.

How to properly use a seat cushion

— Consult with a specialist

If you are concerned about discomfort in the back, then this is an occasion to consult a doctor. He will help you alleviate the condition and find the right pillow for sitting.

– Start with the right furniture

The chair or armchair on which you place the pillow should itself be comfortable. Please note that the height of the chair will change when you start using the cushion; it should be such that your legs in a sitting position are on the floor.

— Don’t make adjustments

If you have already chosen a seat cushion for yourself, do not add anything to it, do not put additional structures under it and on it, this will negate all the ergonomics of your purchase, because its shape will change.

— Use a pillow as often as possible

Buying a seat cushion is half the battle, it is important to use it regularly, only then you can achieve maximum results.

At home, at work, in the car — wherever you have to sit, it will be useful to install an orthopedic pillow.

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