Phew, heat! How to dress properly in summer


With the approach of the warm season, girls are thinking about changes in their wardrobe. Let’s figure it out: what things are needed for the summer season, when not only asphalt, but the brain melts? KALYAEV prompts.

To begin with, you need to review all your things that you wore last season. Get rid of those items of clothing that just take up space. Once your wardrobe is a little empty, head to the store for some nice new clothes. A good incentive to acquire new things will be changes in the figure for the better.


Good and beautiful shorts are the main element in the summer wardrobe. It is best to buy several shorts. For example, different styles, colors and materials. Denim shorts can be with a high waist, with stripes. It is also worth buying at least one fabric shorts. They are quite comfortable and not hot. In these shorts, you can go to the country with friends or go on a picnic. Denim and lace shorts are more suitable for walking, going to the cinema.

T-shirts, tops and t-shirts

An oversized crop top is a great choice for the heat. This style of top looks good with high-waisted shorts. T-shirts, T-shirts and loose shirts are suitable for ordinary summer walks. The main thing is to choose those T-shirts that fit well on your figure and are made of natural material.

When choosing a T-shirt, you should pay attention to the fact that T-shirts and tops in linen style are popular this year. The shirt is available in both long and short sleeves. You should look closely at shirts made of flying linen material. Polo is also relevant in this season. Different colors of polo will help diversify your wardrobe.


The dress should have pleasant material so that you do not feel hot and stuffy. You will feel comfortable and look great in a dress made of thin material, such as chiffon. It will be best if the lower part of the dress is flying and not tight.


Of course, in hot weather, shoes should be open. Ballerinas, mesh sneakers and slip-ons made of thin natural leather are a great choice.

But the most important thing that should accompany your summer looks is a hat and a bottle of water!


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