Oversized: how, when and with what to wear it


Fashion today is freedom, self-expression and even the right to make a mistake. The Scandinavian hygge lifestyle with its priority of home comfort and the ability to find joy in simple things fits perfectly into such a philosophy. Such things are comfortable, voluminous oversized clothing. What captivates this original style?

First, as mentioned, convenience.
Secondly, the fact that oversize eliminates the need to select clothes in such a way as to hide figure flaws.
Thirdly, oversize is democratic. He doesn’t care if it’s an expensive thing or a very affordable, branded or “rootless” thing. For oversized clothes, there is no need to wear stilettos, think about which skirt or trousers to choose.
Oversized has, perhaps, only one drawback: it is easy to overdo it, and then it looks disheveled, even sloppy. To prevent this from happening to you, we advise you to follow a few rules.
• The first rule is only one subject. Oversized items should look so that the silhouette is guessed and the slimness and sophistication of the figure are assumed. Therefore, the best company for oversized outerwear is tight-fitting or straight-cut clothing.
Two oversized things are already too much, although, of course, exceptions are possible.
• Rule of proportion. Oversize is able to balance the constitution of the figure, to veil its flaws. Girls with too small breasts can give it some visual pomp by choosing an oversized sweater or the same men’s shirt, but in this case, the bottom should be tight-fitting.
Owners of an impressive bust should not wear coarse-knit sweaters and sweaters with collars-collars. For them, oversized pants are the best option.
• Size rule. Oversized is not things that are one or two sizes too big. Oversized jeans look bigger than they should, sag at the knees, but are held tight at the waist and don’t drag at the bottom.
Other clothes should also look the same: for blouses, for example, the shoulders should not dangle at the level of the elbows. Ideal oversized items look like a person has lost a lot of weight.
Oversize is an experimental style. Try it, learn how to make combinations, combining oversized clothes with romantic or business style clothes.
The most suitable for oversized items are:
• Strict, classic men’s shirts in plain or narrow stripes, as well as warm checkered shirts.
• Cardigans — primarily made of cashmere, which drapes chic.
• Sweaters, especially short ones that leave a stripe on the body.
• Cocoon coats. With other styles, you need to be on your guard.
• Denim, leather jackets — they are in perfect harmony with laconic dresses and floor-length sundresses.
• Cocoon dresses, boho hoodies and even bag-shaped dresses. They can be complemented by voluminous pockets, large collars and, of course, noticeable beads, bracelets that create a mood.
• When it comes to trousers, joggers, boyfriend jeans, and moms are the best choices.

Oversight is both simple and complex. To learn how to create an impeccable style street look, study the outfits of fashion bloggers, style icons. It is not necessary to copy the best bows, but you can take them as a basis.


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