Outerwear as a badge of distinction. Brand BOMFURS


The BOMFURS brand is a paradise for lovers of unusual, stylish and practical things. For those who are not ready to choose between style and comfort, but want the best at once.

In our assortment:

◾Soft high-quality fur coats made of natural sheepskin that do not roll down.

◾Cool reversible jackets and demi-season coats made of natural and eco-fur.

◾Awesome down jackets, winter coats and trench coats with camel wool insulation.

◾Vests are long winter and short ones with duck down.

We never produce our products in large quantities. We value your individuality and uniqueness. Therefore, all things are sewn in single size ranges.


Choosing clothes brand BOMFURS, YOU DEFINITELY WILL NOT REGRET YOUR CHOICE and stay with us for a long time. This is confirmed by the fact that more than 5200 people have saved our brand in their favorite brands. In our products you will be warm, cozy, comfortable, and most importantly, you will be simply stunning.

BOMFURS is love at first purchase.

The brand was founded in 2013. At Wildberries since 2018.

Link to the page https://www.wildberries.ru/catalog/0/search.aspx?sort=popular&search=Bomfurs


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