Note to parents: how to choose warm outerwear for a child?


The children have been prepared for school, it’s time to think about buying warm clothes: jackets and overalls. Very often, parents do not think about important details, and the child feels uncomfortable throughout the autumn-winter season. Today we want to tell you what you need to pay attention to so that neither you nor the child will regret their choice.

1. Choose a jacket with a detachable hood

One of the important details in the jacket is the hood. It is very important that it is removable. So, for example, in light demi-season models, a hood with buttons is often used: it is the safest for a child if the baby accidentally catches on a branch or hill while playing on the playground — the hood will simply come unfastened.

A hood with a zipper is more common on winter models, as the buttons cannot hold the winter fabric. It is convenient if the fur on such a hood comes unfastened: it will not get into the eyes of the kids or irritate during active games in the winter on the street.

Jacket Jacket

2. Check if there are special drawstrings on the hood

Be sure to check if there are special tightenings on the hood — stoppers, elastic bands, Velcro. They allow you to adjust the size of the hood and fit it over the head, if, for example, a child is wearing a hat with a pom-pom.

Jacket with drawstrings on the hood Jacket with drawstrings on the hood

3. Lightning must be secure

In a high-quality children’s jacket, there is always a special protection against pinching of the chin — this is a piece of fabric at the top of the zipper.

Jacket with safety zip

4. Choose jackets with lots of pockets

If the child already goes to school, then for sure he has a cell phone. It is very important that your student can hide the phone in his jacket when he goes to class. And then children love to hide their “treasures” in their pockets, so the more pockets, the better! And remember that Velcro pockets are more convenient than zippers.

Jacket with pockets

5. In the jacket «for growth» on the sleeves must be special cuffs

Is the child growing fast? Then you can take a jacket for growth with special cuffs on the sleeves with adjustable Velcro. Such sleeves can be rolled up and fixed on the wrist with Velcro to the desired length. As the child grows, the sleeve can be lowered.

Jacket with cuffed sleeves

6. In order for the jacket to sit on the figure, choose a model with drawstrings

If the child likes to wear a jacket in a figure or prefers a free style, then be sure to buy a model with internal and external drawstrings at the waist and at the bottom of the jacket. So it will be possible to adjust the size of the jacket if there is a warm sweater or thin blouse underneath. Girls usually like it when the jacket is pulled down at the waist, and boys — when it is at the bottom of the product.

7. In addition to windproof fabric, pay attention to windproof trims

It is important that the jacket has an external and internal windproof strip. Many people think that only the outer bar protects well, but this is not so, they are equally effective. On a windy day, your child will be warm, and you will be calm that the baby will not freeze.

8. Choose jumpsuits with internal straps

This element in children’s overalls was borrowed from ski clothing. Thanks to the internal straps, the child will be able to wear the overalls indoors, having removed only the top part. This is convenient, since the baby will not sweat indoors and the likelihood of catching a cold because of this will be lower.

Jumpsuit with internal straps

9. Choose pants that will «grow» with your child.

Children’s legs grow the fastest, and if you do not take this into account, then you can change 2 pairs of trousers per season. Therefore, take trousers with a margin: with elastic straps and a well-thought-out hem at the bottom of the leg. The hem should be fixed with Velcro so that the leg does not constantly run down. The part that folds in from the inside and comes into contact with asphalt / shoes should not be made of ordinary lining fabric, but reinforced, for example, with a top fabric, so as not to rub off during the first walk.

10. Be sure to choose models with removable silicone hairpins

These additional elements are especially important for babies, as they hold the leg and prevent it from bending when walking. If the straps are worn or lost, they can be purchased separately. And if such an element is not provided on the trousers, then you can sew them on yourself.



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