Almost every mobile gadget is equipped with a network charger, without which it simply cannot work. However, native SZU, like any other equipment, break down and fail (some devices do not have a memory unit in the kit). There is an urgent need to find a replacement charger. Key points that you should especially pay attention to when choosing a charger: cable included (if needed), connection connector, number of USB ports, output current, voltage, fast charging standards, etc. Let’s try to figure it out and choose a quality network charger for you vixion device.

Most Vixion chargers support modern Quick Charge technology. Ultra-fast charging will allow you to charge your gadget many times faster, acceleration can reach 70%. The most optimal model VIXION H1, equipped with one USB port, supports Quick Charger 3.0. Presented in white, without cable included. It combines a reliable case, durable contacts and stylish appearance.

SZU VIXION H2 will become a universal accessory, because it can already charge two gadgets, the first of which supports Quick Charge, and the second one will cope with standard power consumption (maximum output current is 2.4 A.). The device is supplemented with a light indicator that will inform the owner about the correct operation of the SZU. The ribbed design helps to securely hold the device in your hand and gives the accessory a stylish look. The model is presented in white and black. VIXION H2 has 8 varieties, 6 of which are equipped with a detachable Lightning, Type-C or MicroUSB cable (the remaining 2, without a cable).

Similar models — VIXION L2 and L7, only with a smooth and pleasant to the touch body, have two USB ports, support the fast charging function, with the condition that only one gadget is charged. SZU are presented in black and white, each model has 8 types, 6 are equipped with a detachable cable (1m) with a Lightning, Type-C and MicroUSB connector. The maximum output current L2 will be 1.2A, and L 7 — 2.1A.

memory VIXION H3 will become an indispensable accessory for the user of several devices, 3 ports on the block will allow you to charge one device with Quick Charge technology, and two others in a standard way with a current strength of up to 2.1A. This accessory comes without a cable and is only available in white.

Model VIXION L12 designed to safely charge the batteries of smartphones, tablets and other digital devices. It attracts attention with its stylish appearance, it has 2 USB ports and a led screen that will always show the output voltage. The SZU supports the fast charging function (both ports). The accessory has three varieties: the first is a standard block adapter, the second comes with a MicroUSB cable (1m), the third is Lightning (1m). The maximum output current is 3.1 A. The VIXION L15 adapter repeats the functionality of the L12, differing only in the design of the case itself.

For those who liked the models with LED screen, but would like more than two USBs, the VIXION L14 SZU is ideal for that: 3 USB ports with fast charging, voltage display and a stylish ribbed case.

And what about those who need to simultaneously charge 4 or more devices at once. Vixion offers a special edition. Model VIXION H4 — charger with top filling. SZU accommodates: 3 USB ports with Smart IC, 1 USB port with Quick Charger function and 1 Type-C port. Such a set of characteristics makes the device simply indispensable for the modern owner of digital devices. SZU is designed in black with a soft-touch coating around the entire perimeter. The kit includes a network cable (1.5 m).

SZU VIXION H5 — USB hub, refers to household hubs, will allow you to charge 6 devices at once at the same time. The splitter is designed in a minimalist style, the glossy black hub will fit perfectly into any interior. The bottom anti-slip coating will give the H5 stability on any surface. Complete with network cable (1.5 m).

If you are a Mac or iPad user that supports USB-C charging, then pay attention to chargers VIXION L11 and L10. Both models support the Power Delivery (PD) standard, a technology that can drastically reduce recharge time. The L11 block is equipped with a Type-C connector, and the L10 is equipped with a Type-C and standard USB with the ability to quickly charge the gadget. The versatility of the L10 will be appreciated by laptop owners, because the charger is able to charge both a laptop and a smartphone at the same time. Both models are made in white, cables are not included.

If your device does not support fast charging technology, simple and reliable SZU models are suitable for you. VIXION L3 (2 USB ports), L8 (with built-in MicroUSB cable and 2 standard USB ports) and L1m (with built-in MicroUSB cable, 1 meter long).

The company’s lineup also includes rare models with a built-in MiniUSB cable for Motorola, 3.5 mm and 2 mm for Nokia, SZU for Samsung D880, universal memory for tablets, as well as a «frog».

VIXION accessories meet high quality standards and have certificates of conformity. VIXION’s multi-loop protection system prevents power surges, overcharging, overheating or short circuits. In the production of all devices, only high-quality components are used. On the official website of VIXION, you can easily select the SZU that suits you.

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