Makeup brushes: how do they differ and which ones to choose?

All professional makeup brushes are classified by area of ​​use and the main differences between them are the shape of the pile and its composition. But if everything is more or less clear with the shape of the brushes (obviously, a large fan brush is not suitable for eyeliner), then the question of the difference between natural and artificial pile can still cause controversy: someone is convinced that there is no difference, or it is not significant while others say otherwise. So, what is the difference and which one is better?

Natural brushes can be distinguished from synthetic ones with just one touch, they are very soft and do not itch at all. Such brushes are made mainly from pony, goat, sable, etc. But the most delicate, soft and very expensive brushes are made from squirrel hair.

The main advantages of natural material:

  • comfort and softness when applying cosmetics;
  • convenience of working with a dry agent (due to the porous structure, dry textures are perfectly gaining);
  • durability.


  • usually higher price compared to brushes made of synthetic and artificial bristles;
  • the need for special care for natural fiber;
  • the likelihood of allergies (for allergy sufferers).

Synthetic bristle brushes are ideal for applying liquid and/or cream products. Their main advantages:

  • Synthetic hair is not able to absorb cosmetics.
  • It is easy to care for and picky about storage conditions.
  • Differs in low cost.
  • Synthetics do not cause allergies.


  • A stiffer pile sometimes causes irritation.
  • Synthetic brushes are not universal. They are not suitable for applying dry products.
  • The durability of the tools depends only on the quality of the brush.

Summing up, you can answer the question: “Which brushes to choose?”. If you are a make-up artist, just learning this profession, or prefer to apply a full-fledged make-up before leaving the house (not just touch up sponges), of course, your BEAUTY arsenal should include accessories, both from artificial and natural hair. It is for this reason that we have put together a more than worthy and, relatively expensive, budget set that contains all the necessary forms of professional brushes with different types of bristles. Everything has already been invented, buy and enjoy the result!

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