Like in an expensive hotel: rules for caring for linen from stripe satin

When buying a stripe satin bedding set for home, many buyers ask themselves the question: “Why does my linen look different than in a hotel or in a photo?”.

Consider in detail the possible causes and rules of care.

The first thing you should pay attention to is the composition. Stripe satin bedding must be 100% natural. Otherwise, its appearance will be different from the desired one.

The second factor is density. Not less than 135 gr/m. Excessively thin linen will shine through bedding. Still, it’s ideal to use white or light-colored plain pillows and duvets under white bedding to achieve an upmarket, sophisticated look.

The third factor is washing and drying. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s instructions. For stripe satin, machine wash at 40 degrees, spin speed up to 1000 is suitable. It is strongly not recommended to use bleaching agents for washing and rinsing clothes. Machine drying is acceptable along with normal drying. Dry cleaning is also not allowed in this case.

Particular attention should be paid to ironing or steaming bed linen from stripe satin. It is it that allows you to give linen that very final gloss. Despite the fact that the stripe satin holds its shape well and does not wrinkle a lot, it is still 100% cotton. He loves high temperatures when ironing and steaming. Gets extra shine and becomes softer.

ID Design uses only the best luxury quality fabrics in its production. These fabrics will last you a long time and will look good after many washes. The same bedding, as in an expensive hotel —

Happy shopping!

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