Lamp for a student: which one to choose?

The beginning of the school year poses the same question to parents every time: How best to equip a place for your child to study?

One of the important requirements is good illumination of the place for classes.

A well-chosen table lamp can provide good illumination.

Basic requirements for a lamp for a student:

— the lamp housing must be made of high-quality plastic or a combination of metal and polymer materials;

— color — white, gray or other neutral. Bright colors will distract the child, drown the eyes;

— the surface of the case should be matte, not glare;

— presence of adjustment of height and angle of inclination of the lamp;

— it’s great if the light source in the lamp is an LED, i.e. the lamp must be LED;

— luminous flux from 400 to 1000 lm;

— smooth (dimmer) brightness control;

— color temperature — 4000 K.

The LED table lamp with touch adjustment will transform your student’s desktop and become an indispensable assistant during work and study at night.

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