Is the wrap cold or hot? Which one to choose?

Wrapping is the process of applying mixtures with active and indifferent substances, as a mask to certain parts of the body, and to everything.

Use wrap for weight loss, figure modeling, cellulite removal.

Let’s look at the differences between cold and hot wraps.

hot wrap warms the body by dilating blood vessels. Blood circulation increases, and the pores expand, from where toxins and other debris accumulated in the body come out. In the process of warming up, the breakdown of adipose tissue is supported. This is how we lose weight.

Cold wrap unlike hot, it is suitable for people suffering from varicose veins. The vessels are compressed and due to this, all the previously mentioned debris of the body is distributed to the cleansing organs.

Cold wrap helps those who have fatigue, heaviness in the legs and swelling. It also helps a lot to lose weight. Even stronger than hot, because the body begins to spend a lot of energy on warming, therefore, burns more calories. Helps to tighten the skin.

How to choose your wrap?

If your task is to remove toxins and fight cellulite, drop extra pounds, and just if you want to relax, then pay attention to the hot.

We have already found out that it:

  • Eliminates «orange peel»
  • Expands blood vessels
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Removes toxins and slags without burdening the cleaning organs,
  • Relaxes.

Losing weight is more than just a small undertaking? Worried about varicose veins or want to get rid of edema. Then your path is covered to cold.

We remind you that it:

  • Gives an anti-edematous effect
  • Tones up,
  • Minimizes sludge build-up
  • Helps fight varicose veins
  • Models the figure and helps fight fat.

    More information about the product can be found here: Hot scrub, Cold scrub

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