Doing sports at home is much more convenient than in the gym. And to increase the effectiveness of training (in addition to proper nutrition and sleep), you will be helped by sports accessories that help you achieve the desired result faster.

Just about the accessories that turn home fitness from a routine into an exciting activity, we’ll talk today. Let’s make a reservation, however, that we will mainly touch on yoga and Pilates — as one of the most affordable ways to train the body and spirit. Yoga is characterized by static loads and smooth movements, while Pilates is characterized by intense, moving aerobic exercises.

Soft blocks for yoga and Pilates are designed to facilitate the implementation of certain types of exercises. For beginners, they will help to take the correct posture and make it easier to maintain balance, and for experienced yogis, they will add difficulty in some poses. Yoga Blocks are soft, cuboidal with rounded edges, pleasant to the touch, made of durable EVA material that won’t crumble or slip during use. Bricks help to perform exercises correctly, maintain balance and increase the effectiveness of training. Such blocks will be useful not only for beginners, but also for experienced yogis who want to add complexity to some types of exercises by changing or adding a new fulcrum. Such blocks also help those who, due to physiological characteristics, cannot perform certain types of exercises.

Another type of accessory is a roller. Here it is just to help warm up before and after training. These rollers are used both for warm-up and for MFR — myofascial release. With running muscle spasms, it is often impossible to return them to normal with a simple stretch. Such rollers are used to massage large muscle groups — for example, the back, lower back, neck or legs, acting on «trigger points», i.e. on damaged parts of the muscles, restoring their elasticity with a deep acupressure massage. As a result of exposure to such a roller, pain disappears, the muscles are stretched, elasticity returns to them. The matrix surface construction with soft spikes provides active action on the muscles, and the material does not absorb odor or moisture. Such a roller can withstand about 100 kg, and, being hollow inside, it has a low weight, which, coupled with its small size, does not cause inconvenience during its storage. To warm up before training, such a roller is the most necessary accessory.

Next — a more intense part of the classes, where we need 2 more accessories, and we will start with a gymnastic roller. A press roller is needed to facilitate certain exercises. The simplest thing is to lay down while holding such a roller with your hands. The arms are extended forward, where the roller creates additional tension, and then they return to their original position, which is also helped by the roller itself. Such a roller affects the complex of core muscles — the muscles of the press, hips, buttocks and lumbar-thoracic fascia. The design of this projectile is such that the wheel has a return mechanism that increases the required tension during the first part of the exercise, and facilitates the return to the original. The distribution of the load increases the load on the press, and reduces the load on the lower back and back, preventing their injuries. This design of the gymnastic roller is recommended by the American Aerobics and Fitness Association (abbr. AFAA — Aerobics and Fitness Association of America)

Let’s move on to weights. Weights are used everywhere — in Pilates, running, aerobics, athletics, yoga … In a word — everywhere. Exercises with weights increase the effectiveness of the workout, and, oddly enough, have a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system. The design of such an accessory is simple: a cloth base in the form of a cuff, where the filler is metal shot. Such cuffs are fastened on textile fasteners (velcro), fixed on the legs. We have already warmed up, and we can use them — however, using them without a warm-up, or picking up too much weight is dangerous for health. This accessory is easy to store in a drawer, folds and does not take up much space in your home.

Exercising at home is a lot of fun, but it’s just as important to spend enough time outdoors, and with the onset of spring, it has become even more enjoyable. That is why we will also mention scooters — different models are suitable for walking, for tricks, for children and adults.

For a measured and comfortable walk around the city, we are glad to present you the Nonstopika Hyperon scooter. ABEC-9 bearings, improved shock absorber with vibration absorption technology, 20 cm wheels, brakes, height-adjustable handlebars — all this will turn a walk into an exciting and safe adventure. The improved folding design makes it easy to store the scooter at home or transport it on public transport.

Can’t imagine your life without speed and tricks? Nonstopika Overpik will become your faithful friend and companion. A reinforced aluminum alloy deck adds strength to the scooters, and for tricks — slides, twists and departures — a Y-shaped handlebar, impact-resistant ABEC 7 bearings, anti-slip rubber grips and easy-to-change 10 cm spoke wheels are used. We must not forget about the brake wing above the rear wheel. The most simple and durable design weighing 3 kg. very easy to transport. And fans of The Game of Squid will appreciate the customized scooter from this line based on this popular series.

Especially for the pros, an improved line of Nonstopika Pivot 360 stunt scooters has been developed. In fact, this is an improved version of Overpik: improved ABEC-9 bearings, reinforced deck alloy, and wheels that can even be replaced with skis. Withstands such a scooter much tougher operation for those who perform tricks harder. New in this line is a bright neo-chrome scooter inspired by the game Fortnite.

For the smallest riders — Nonstopika Toppytop. For children, a bright design is important, and for fathers and mothers — safety and reliability. That’s how you can describe this folding three-wheeled children’s scooter. Both boys and girls will like the luminous wheels, which provide high smoothness of movement, and their parents will be able to watch their child from afar even at dusk. The scooter is equipped with front shock absorbers, a wide sanded footboard, and inside the scooter has luminous LEDs. The steering wheel is equipped with pads to prevent slipping of hands from the steering wheel. Oh yes, the steering wheel is telescopic, not fixed, so this scooter, thanks to its safety and durability, will last for a year.

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