How we created the perfect home suit for women


Today we want to tell you how we created a home suit for women and why we think it is perfect.

The idea to create the perfect home kit came from a need. With the need to look stylish and beautiful at home, while not sacrificing comfort. As often happens, we have to choose between beauty and convenience. If it is a cotton suit, then it most often looks bad and does not decorate a woman. Or is it silk, mostly artificial, which is not comfortable to wear, the dressing gown slips, the fabric clings to everything. Familiar?

Our MINISTI journey began with our own production. We wanted something that was not on the market. We wanted a special design and at the same time that things were of high quality.

We were inspired by minimalism and the concept of conscious consumption. When things serve you more than one season, there are not many of them, they do not bother due to their simplicity and conciseness, the materials of the highest quality. At the same time, we were able to keep the market price so that the kits were available for purchase by everyone.

Now on sale are 3 models in 3 colors:

1. Art.65475015 women’s home set with shorts and bandeau top

2. Art.65690885 home women’s set with pants and bandeau top

3. Art.65694145 kimono dressing gown for women

Why is this set perfect?

We make our home suit from the highest quality cotton fabric «Penye». The fabric is very soft and pleasant to the body. Thanks to 92% cotton, the skin breathes, the fabric does not cling, does not roll or stretch. 8% elastane in the composition allows the product to stretch well and retain its shape, color, and other consumer qualities for a long time. Due to our own production, we carefully monitor the quality of tailoring products, our models go through three stages of quality control: when sewing, during packaging in a warehouse and when sent to the marketplace.

Set in the style of minimalism. Nothing will distract from your beauty, but only add style to the image. Also, it will not get tired over time and you can wear it for a long time, which is in the spirit of the concept of conscious consumption.

Bando top is the bestseller among our tops. The top has soft elastic bands that do not press and at the same time it keeps well on the body, does not slip, does not roll. Bando is very convenient for feeding a baby or for pregnant women. It can be worn separately: as underwear, a sports top or everyday under a jacket, shirt.

Loose shorts or pants are very comfortable, do not hinder movement. It will be convenient for you to do household chores, play with your child. But at the same time, you are always beautiful and well-groomed, you do not need to think about what to change into to meet your loved one or guests for dinner.

A kimono robe will perfectly complement your look, cover your shoulders if you need a more discreet look. Its advantage is that by tying it in different ways: adding a belt, throwing it over your shoulders, tucking it into shorts or trousers, tying it in a knot — you get four different looks.

Our customers especially note how the look of a loved one will change at the sight of a well-groomed, beautiful home. Also, what boosts self-esteem even better than a pretty outfit.

In the near future we plan to add new models and a few more colors. Our goal is for as many girls as possible to look beautiful at home and not sacrifice comfort.


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