As the stylists overdue, the trendy choker is gaining popularity.

▪️Jewelry should fit snugly around the neck.

Looking in the dictionary, you will find out that «choker» means «strangler, noose.» This definition denotes the main feature of the jewelry — tightly wrap around the neck. Therefore, chokers are made so that they can be adjusted to the volume of the neck.

▪️Wear jewelry with outfits that don’t cover your neck. Otherwise, there is no reason to use a stylish «collar».

▪️The choker visually lengthens the neck, making it more elegant. But remember that the decoration focuses on this part of the body.

▪️Until recently, fashion magazines were saying: you should not complement the business style with a choker: strict blouses and jackets. Today the situation has changed. On the catwalks you can see the choker with business trouser suits and blouses.

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