How to stay stylish and stay warm this winter?


It’s no secret — the Russian winter is merciless! Therefore, in order not to frostbite your feet and protect them from the cold, it is very important to choose good warm shoes. After all, it is with wet feet that cough, snot and other unpleasant companions of a cold begin, and you don’t want to get sick on the eve of Christmas, right?

Naturally, we should not forget that, like any accessory, shoes should fit your bow and be stylish. And then a lot of questions arise … What to look for? What is fashionable now? What will be warm?

Be sure to pay attention to the material of the insulation

The natural sheepskin lining is a salvation in the frosty winter season, such shoes retain heat much better.

Choose shoes with grooved soles

It will provide good grip and will not allow you to slide on frozen roads.

Choose the right size

Tight shoes cause not only discomfort when walking, but also interfere with normal blood circulation; in such shoes, the feet will quickly freeze. To choose the right size, measure the length of the insole and select the size according to the table. And do not forget that there should be a little space left in stock so that you can put on warm socks.

Ugg boots are perfect for cold winters!


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