How to make your arms taut? Champion Trainer Tips


Today we will analyze the most popular exercises and the most working techniques along with International festival of healthy lifestyle and sports SN PRO EXPO FORUM and bodybuilder, Men’s Physique Elite Pro Denis Sorokin.

To work out the muscles of the arms, there are two main types of exercises: extensor movements (for triceps) and flexion movements (for biceps).

Of course, the most convenient way to work out your hands is to visit the gym and use professional equipment, but even if you don’t have such an opportunity, the simplest equipment for home workouts is quite suitable, but more on that later.

Top 4 exercises for working out hands in the gym

Bending the arms with a rope of the lower block (for biceps)

We need a crossover trainer. We lower the fastener to the very bottom. We come close to the simulator and, keeping the position of the body strictly perpendicular to the floor, we perform bending movements in the elbow joint, while avoiding unnecessary movements of the body. To perform this exercise, we need a «rope» handle.

Reverse push-ups from the bench (triceps)

To perform the exercise, we need any bench. Holding the bench with a reverse grip (palms away from you), we perform bending in the elbow joint and smoothly lower the body down. By bending or extending the legs, we can adjust the level of load. The farther the legs are from the bench, the more difficult it is to perform the exercise. The closer the legs, the easier.

Extension of the arms of the upper block with a rope (triceps)

We will need any block simulator with an upper attachment point. When performing the exercise, a Z-shaped handle is used. Hands are located on the very edge of the handle with palms up. With a smooth slow movement, we perform the extension of the arms in the elbow joint, avoiding unnecessary movements of the body.

Standing dumbbell curl (biceps)

For this exercise, we need regular dumbbells. By the way, this exercise can be performed at home. The body is located as evenly as possible, the legs are the width of the pelvic bone. The elbows are pressed to the body. We use the following grip: the palms are located to each other, the thumb is looking up. Holding the humerus against the body, we perform bending in the elbow joint and raise the dumbbells at the same time.

All exercises are performed in 4-5 sets of 15-20 repetitions, depending on the level of preparedness and your general well-being. Remember that the most important thing is health! There is no point in doing any exercises through force.


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