How to harmoniously combine colors in clothes: 10 simplest and most beautiful schemes


Many people often think when buying clothes: what color to buy a new thing so that it fits into the wardrobe? We have prepared a cheat sheet for you to help answer this question. And it will also inspire you to new interesting color combinations even from those things that you already have. Add this page to your favorites so you can come back if you forgot something.

Colors are divided into chromatic and achromatic:

  • Chromatic — all colors (yellow, blue, red, etc.)
  • Achromats — white, black, gray. They match perfectly with everything else. color. These convenient colors also often include beige and brown. Achromats are like a canvas on which, as an artist, you apply colored strokes with a brush to paint a picture of your mood.

Harmonious chromatic (color) combinations can be viewed on Itten’s color wheelthis is the basis of the theory of color combination:

  1. Complementary combination. Opposite colors look great together on a circle. Such duets look bright and contrasting, suitable for those who are ready to be in the spotlight. Opposite colors set off each other, as if revealing to the maximum. Choose this combination if you want to be remembered quickly and effectively, like a flash!

  2. Triad. Colors are combined that are located at an equal distance from each other, that is, at the corners of an isosceles triangle. This is a more complex combination. Such images also attract attention, but they hold your eyes longer, you want to look at them. Choose this combination if you want to keep the attention of others.

  3. Similar combination. The colors next to each other look harmonious. These colors make up monochrome images. The easiest way is to compose an image of no more than 3 colors, but when using similar combinations, you can take things of 4 or more colors, and they will not look too bright and defiant.

Combinations of any colors are also harmonious, but of the same degree of saturation. Color saturation is controlled by either adding white, or gray, or black.

4. All pastel shades. If white is mixed with saturated paint, then it becomes lighter up to a pastel shade. Such shades can be combined in the image as much as you like. They evoke soft and gentle impressions.

5. All muted shades. If gray is added to the original saturated paint, then it will be a muted shade. They often make the mistake of combining a rich shade with a muted one, this leads to the fact that the muted thing looks dirty and completely spoils the impression of the image. But the same shade will reveal itself in a completely different way if you combine it with colors to which gray is also mixed. Images from muted shades look expensive, status, enveloping.

6. All dark shades. If you add black to the original saturated paint, you get a dark shade. The darkness of the hue depends on the amount of black added.

7. Match all vibrant colors.

8. Harmonious color combinations the same temperature: either warm or cold. They often make a mistake when all yellow, red, orange shades are referred to as warm, and blue, blue, purple are referred to as cold. Heat adjusted by adding either yellow or blue to the color. Almost any color can be both warm and cold.

  • A warm shade is any color to which a drop of yellow has been mixed.
  • A cool shade is any color to which a drop of blue has been mixed.

So, for example, olive green is a warm shade, and emerald green is a cool shade.

Mustard yellow is a warm shade, while lemon is a cool shade.

Turquoise is a warm shade, obtained by adding a drop of yellow to blue, and cornflower is a cold shade.

You can easily learn to determine the color temperature if you practice and constantly compare shades with each other.

9. You can also compose images only from achromats. Such combinations evoke a feeling of comfort and stability. They can both draw attention to themselves (contrast black and white), and be cozy and inconspicuous (gray and beige).

10. Monochrome — drawing up an image in which all the details are of the same color, while a difference in shades is possible, for example, lighter or darker.

We have listed the main and most popular color combination techniques. When dressing, do not forget about what mood or hidden message you want to broadcast to the world and others, and our article will allow you to do it with taste.

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