What concerns me is I’m a real fan of Spanish brand Janira shapewear. This brand is one of the sales leaders in the category of slimming underwear in the underwear market. Brand Janira creates lingerie for women who want to achieve the perfect shape without sacrificing comfort and health. Remember the famous phrase: “Women have their secrets”? In this article, I will share some of the secrets to your perfect silhouette.

If a:
• you want to lose weight by one size in 30 seconds, then with oversized corrective panties it is possible;
• a tight-fitting dress treacherously emphasizes the irregularities and imperfections of the figure, then you will solve this problem with the help of a corrective bodysuit or a combination;
• If you want to emphasize the «wasp» waist and show off the sexiest hourglass figure, then feel free to choose high corset panties.

And why, speaking of corrective underwear, we first of all mean the Janira brand?

I’ll tell you in order.
1. Let me start by saying that Janira lingerie is tailored in a special way and allows you to reduce the volume of your hips, flatten your tummy, tighten your sides and back by at least one size.
2. This prestigious Spanish brand focuses on the comfort and finish of its products. Uses in production only the best materials and selects the design that is most suitable for women.
3. I found out from my own experience that Janira corrective underwear does not pinch, does not roll, does not cause discomfort during daily wear and retains its original appearance after washing.
4. Janira lingerie has a different degree of silhouette modeling — from light correction to extra strong. Depending on the style of a particular model, the product is able to reduce the volume of the hips, buttocks or abdomen, and sometimes all zones at once.
5. There are models in the Janira range that are able to round and tighten the buttocks.

6. Janira shapewear is devoid of thick seams and is not noticeable under clothing.
7. Underwear of this brand is aesthetically pleasing and pleasant to the touch. And in the summer season it is not hot in it!

What models of shapewear do I recommend to all women:

JANIRA SECRETS FIGURE — corrective bodysuit. Suitable for those who want to adjust not only the abdomen, waist, back, but also lift the chest. This comfortable, lightly corrected bodysuit comes with your own bra.
The model is made of dense, smooth to the touch fabric: lifts the chest from below and on the sides; sculpts your figure from the bust line to the buttocks, while the thong effect panties create perfectly rounded buttocks. The buttock area is made of translucent, elastic mesh fabric, which not only provides good support, but also allows air to circulate freely, supplying the skin with oxygen. In beige, this model creates a «second skin» effect. Pleated 100% cotton terry cloth gusset, hook-and-loop closure at the bottom.
This bodysuit is suitable for a woman in whose wardrobe the main place is occupied by dresses and other tight-fitting things.

BODY SECRETS SILUETA – modeling torset-body with a strong degree of tightening. Made from silky fabric with a smooth texture.
In this model, the chest remains open, the body suggests the presence of a bra. The straps are adjustable and have hooks to attach the bodysuit to your bra.
The model has a great tightening effect, it perfectly tightens the stomach and the hated «wings», makes the waist thinner, and gives the buttocks a sexy outline. Body panties combine the effect of correction and the appearance of a thong due to translucent inserts made of dense, elastic mesh. The mesh is quite dense, supports the buttocks and creates a push-up effect.
Curly seams are soft, delicate and ultra flat — they do not stand out even under thin clothes. The gusset is made from soft cotton.

SILUETA ​​FORTE SECRETS FIGURE — very high panties with a feminine design and a strong degree of correction. Suitable for correction in the abdomen, waist and back.
Made from elastic tulle with a silicone band around the edge to secure the waist. The front part and the waistline are doubled with a dense fabric so that the shorts fit snugly, while they evenly fit the figure without cutting into the skin. Extremely comfortable and invisible under clothing.

The key detail of the collection is the floral design and flat seams. Antibacterial cotton terry gusset provides soft, hygienic protection.

PERFECT CURVES — shaping panties with a high waistline with a strong slimming effect, visually reduce the figure by more than one size. Suitable for those who prefer to hide the tummy. Panties gently smooth the contours of the body, slim and favorably outline the silhouette.
Made from soft, lightweight modern fabric with reinforcement in the abdomen and lower back. Not visible under clothing. Do not leave marks and pinching on the body. Guarantee correction with a feeling of maximum comfort. A single seam on the back makes them completely invisible. Hygienic cotton gusset in soft terry cloth.

BRISLIP BOOM SECRETS — Corrective panties «Brazilian buttocks» with a push-up effect, achieved through removable liners.
Made from stretchy microfiber fabric and stretch mesh at the back. The seams at the waistline are flat, and the tabs have the thinnest edge. Panties are not visible under clothes, create an absolutely smooth and even silhouette. Buttocks become rounded, toned and incredibly seductive!
Hygienic cotton gusset in soft terry cloth.
This model is suitable for those who want to draw attention to the buttocks.

In conclusion, I want to say that hundreds of happy clients have already, as they say, felt the difference, and their lives are divided into “before” meeting with Janira and “after”. Join now! And you will be able to make sure from your own experience that corrective underwear is not always about “nothing to breathe” and “I can’t even move in it”, but that the drawstrings can be pleasant and comfortable to wear!

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