How to extend the life of your shoes in the rainy season?


It’s no secret that rain and bad weather greatly affect how long our favorite pair of shoes will last. Is there a recipe for how to keep shoes in rainy conditions and extend their life for at least one more season? Yes, such a recipe exists! First of all, you need to take care of your shoes.

Shoes made of any kind of materials require a three-step care to stay «as good as new» for longer.

Stage 1. cleansing

Before you start care, you need to clean the shoes with special products from excess dirt on the surface. The fact is that water + a rag familiar to us can damage materials, microcracks can appear on shoes from excessive moisture, especially if you come from a cold to a dry, warm room. Salton foam cleaner will perfectly cope with any kind of dirt on your shoes. Just apply the foam on the shoes, wait a bit and wipe with a sponge. So, the shoes are cleaned, what’s next?

Stage 2. Care

To care for shoes, you need to choose a product that suits your type of shoes (for shoes made of smooth leather, suede / nubuck, for textiles). As a nutrition for the skin, you can choose a cream in a tube or a jar of Salton, and to restore color for smooth or pile skin types, you can purchase a Salton paint of a suitable color or already a color enhancer. Thus, your shoes will look well-groomed and bright.

Stage 3. Protection

To finally protect your favorite pair of boots from the negative effects of bad weather, choose a wax from the Salton line or specialized protection against water, which will act as a special barrier and will not allow moisture to be absorbed. Salton water protection is laboratory tested and will help your shoes look great even in the rainy season!

By following all these steps of shoe care, you will be surprised how long you can keep your shoes in great condition and save the budget for buying new pairs.


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