How to dress for short girls?


It’s no secret that clothes must be selected not only in accordance with the latest trends, but also based on the features of the figure and physique. Most likely, everyone faced a problem when the image seems to be assembled in accordance with the theory of color, and the styles are combined, and the style can be traced, but something is not right. And the problem is that the clothes, as they usually say, “do not sit”.

KALYAEV tells how to choose clothes for girls of short stature in order to brighten up flaws and emphasize dignity.

Compliance with proportions

There is one key rule that must be observed when compiling an image for a short person. For example, visually the body can be divided into two parts — then both the top and bottom will make up half of the entire height. But such a division is unacceptable for little girls — it will only emphasize their shortcomings. Therefore, preference should be given to models of skirts and trousers with a high waist, then they will divide the silhouette in the proportion of 1/3 of the top to 2/3 of the bottom.

Recommendations in compiling an image

There are a few more guidelines to follow, namely:

• Top. When choosing T-shirts, sweaters, shirts, etc., it is worth buying models with a V-neck. It is also allowed to complement the image with a necklace, but not too massive. Shawls or scarves should be tied so that the ends of the product look down. Tops should be short or medium length. Wearing elongated models will only break the proportions and increase the emphasis on growth. You can choose clothes with bare shoulders, but this option is not suitable for everyone: for girls with an inverted triangle figure, it will only increase the imbalance.

• Bottom. The most preferred will be straight or narrowed models of medium length. Pants that are too wide or short should be avoided. If wide trousers attracted attention, then you should choose a model with a striped print (and the stripes should be vertical).

• Shoes. First of all, you must adhere to the following rule: with dark tights you need to wear dark shoes, with bodily tights — light. Beige shoes are a real salvation for short girls, because visually they add a couple of centimeters in height, and they are combined with almost any clothes. Also a great option would be platform shoes or wedges, and of course, heels.

• Color palette. The best option would be a monochrome image, i.e. one where the top and bottom are the same color (or shades of the same color). As mentioned earlier, of all prints, you should choose stripes, and the narrower, the better.

• Bags. This item is also of great importance, because the quality of the image will directly depend on it. You can forget about big baggy models — against their background, little girls will seem quite tiny. Miniature handbags or clutches, as well as small shoppers, will look better.

• Accessories. It is worth abandoning large, massive jewelry and giving preference to miniature, sophisticated accessories. You can complement the image with a long scarf, wrapping it around your neck or just throw it loosely over your shoulders or neck. Thus, the scarf will create the necessary vertical, which will visually increase growth.

This is where the tips on how best to dress girls of short stature ended. However, all of the above is just advice, not rules or laws that should be unquestioningly followed. After all, you should always try to look not in accordance with fashion rules and trends, but in a way that is convenient and comfortable for you personally.


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