How to determine the color type of appearance

The concept of color type includes: skin tone, eyes, hair. You need to take into account the colors with which you were born, and not currently available, if you resort to staining. Even if you have resorted to drastic changes, for example: from a blonde to a brunette, it is worth considering the blond. Why such knowledge is needed: — To choose a harmonious tone of make-up, a new shade of hairstyle; — Build the right wardrobe. Like the calendar seasons, there are several varieties: spring, autumn, summer and winter. The last two are cold type, and the first two are warm. As practice shows, mixed varieties are most often found.

1. Spring type

Like natural, the features of such girls are gentle, refined with notes of light long-awaited warmth. Such young ladies should avoid active palettes, bold red lipstick and bright black arrows. In this case, you should avoid prolonged exposure to the open sun and protect yourself with the help of special cosmetics. Warm honey blonde, chestnut, gold and wheat are notes that are found on the hair of its owners. As for the color of the eyes, they can be of any color, the only thing is with the prefix light. Those who choose clothes should avoid acid colors, and prefer pastels, mustard and mint shades.

2. Autumn

The skin has a light tan color, ivory, as an exception — with freckles. Eye color: gray-green, hazel, yellow-brown, amber. The leading tone of hair is chestnut. Bright representatives of this type are the magnificent Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, Emma Stone. Those who want to refresh their own appearance can be advised brown, red, copper hair colors. To harmonize your wardrobe, try to choose things in warm colors: brown, olive, orange, etc. The same rule applies to the choice of decorative cosmetics for the face.

3. Winter

Like a sunny winter morning, such girls have a special attractiveness and color coolness. The skin is like porcelain, transparent with a pink tint. To feel the contrast, the hair of the ladies has a bright dark shade. Those who want to change it to light should choose an ash blond, silver with no yellowness, to further emphasize the winter freshness of the image. Eye color, like hair — bright, active, attractive. The colors of the wardrobe should be bright and active, but in harmony with the appearance and inner self.

4. Summer

Very often it can be confused with spring, but unlike it, this type is cold. Like the previous one, the skin is thin, light, transparent. Hair color: chestnut, ash-blond, gray. Eyes radiate natural cold, regardless of color.

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