How to correct imperfections of a full figure


Probably, there are no women who are completely satisfied with their appearance. They always think that they can improve indefinitely. Even the most slender girls have a lot of complexes regarding their figure, not to mention full ladies. The main thing to remember here is that you can partially solve the problem not only with the help of diet and fitness, but also with the right clothes.
How to hide excess weight?

All the desires of full ladies come down to the desire to look slim. To do this, you need to be able to dress properly.
• Correct selection of the size. The first mistake is to squeeze into smaller clothes. Overweight women sometimes think that wearing a size smaller will somehow reduce their volume. In fact, everything happens the other way around: tight things expose all the shortcomings of the body. The second mistake is trying to buy two sizes too big. Women think that nothing can be seen under the overalls. But the parameters are easily guessed by the open arms, neck, legs. The conclusion suggests itself: it is important to choose the right size so that the clothes do not sag on the figure and do not fit the body.

• Stretching the silhouette with vertical stripes. Nothing works better than stretching the silhouette with verticals. You can create them in simple ways:
1. Observe the principle of layering clothes
2. If you choose a neckline, the neckline should be V-shaped
3. Unbuttoned jacket or cardigan
4. Arrows or stripes on trousers
5. Wrap dresses or skirts
6. Necklaces or beads to the waist
7. Long scarf
8. Monochrome sets.

• Correction in the abdomen and waist. In life, the complete absence of a waist is quite rare. But for your own peace of mind, you can use simple tricks:
1. Wear loose blouses and shirts
2. Give preference to dresses and suits with a straight silhouette or trapeze
3. Buy trousers, shorts, skirts with a high waist or tucks at the waist. The clasp is best placed on the side or back.

• Observe the principles of harmony and adequacy. They work in the selection of jewelry and clothing with prints. The larger the woman, the more voluminous jewelry, bags and prints on clothes should be. A small pattern on the fabric in the form of peas, flowers, stripes always gives fullness. But if you choose a proportionate pattern that matches the weight and height of a woman, this will add elegance to her.
Corpulent ladies should not use small handbags and backpacks. Medium sized bags should be worn. It is also necessary to refuse to wear small pendants, thin rings, short chains. Massive rings, large bracelets and earrings are much more suitable.

• Select optimal fabrics. It is better to choose fabrics that can align the outlines of the body and support its shape. It seems that thin fabrics do not create excess volume, but they do not know how to mask the folds on the body and hide underwear. Girls seeking to reduce their shape should avoid velvet, satin, loose knitwear, as well as sequins and metallic textures. It is much better to reduce the size of the body of fabrics that absorb light, that is, matte.
Of course, full ladies come up with shortcomings for themselves. In fact, all women are beautiful: both full and thin. The main thing is to love yourself. And it’s not difficult to adjust the figure if you dress correctly.


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