Doing housework seems impossible when you have a little miracle. But cleaning needs to be done. Few people want to live in a mess, and dust and dirt are harmful to the baby. It seems to many that it is impossible to find time for cleaning, but we will prove that this is not so.

Our tips will definitely help you. Let’s make a reservation right away that in no case do we recommend accustoming a child to a smartphone or tablet. Firstly, it harms vision, and secondly, sticking in front of the screen does not develop any important skills.

1. Optimize your activities.
Fold and put away laundry while talking to your child. Wash the sink along with the dishes. Dust while your child listens to the song. There are many ways to combine multiple tasks.

2. Schedule.
In order not to accumulate a lot of work, spread certain activities over the days. For example:

— Kitchen cleaning on Mondays;
— bathroom cleaning on Wednesdays;
— Laundry every Saturday.
Set up a schedule that is most convenient for you. Its observance will allow you to do more.

3. Involve other family members.
Ask for help with cleaning those who can do it: husband, older children, your parents. They can do the simplest things: hang clothes, dust, wash dishes. For them, this is a few minutes of work, and for you it is an invaluable help.

4. Get baskets.
Place a small basket in each room to quickly collect toys scattered by the child. Perhaps this will not lead to exemplary order, but it will become cleaner and more comfortable.

5. Do most of the housework while your baby is sleeping.
You have a couple of hours to do the cleaning and laundry. The main thing is not to make too much noise so that the time for cleaning is not drastically reduced.

6. Some things can be done with a child in your arms.
With one hand, you can wipe dust, vacuum, arrange items on shelves, water flowers.

7. Get rid of unnecessary things.
Often it is the extra trash that contributes to the rapid littering of housing. Give away what you don’t need, sell what you can sell, throw away what you no longer use. Instead of laying out unnecessary things, you can set aside time for something more necessary.

8. Involve your child in cleaning.
From an early age, you can teach your child to put things in boxes or baskets. Give him a rag to wipe the floor. So already from childhood the child will be accustomed to order.

9. Give your child an educational toy.
The most enjoyable and rewarding way for your child to keep them entertained while you’re cleaning is with educational toys. For example, give your baby an interhemispheric board — an educational toy for training both hemispheres of the brain. The interhemispheric board will help to establish communication between the left and right hemispheres, develop fine motor skills and coordination of your baby. In addition, classes with this toy develop memory and thinking, imagination and attention.

The principle is simple: you need to drive chips through the labyrinths simultaneously with your left and right hand. But there are different tasks that differ in degree of difficulty. All of them are described in the methodological material included in the kit. The game can be diversified with the help of liners or crayons.

Another type of educational toy is a geoboard or math tablet. This toy is a field with pegs, on which the child needs to put rubber bands, lining up various figures. Geoboard develops perseverance, attentiveness, motor skills, craving for creativity, mathematical abilities and knowledge of letters, numbers and colors.

Just show your baby a few times what and how to do, and while he will play and develop, you will be able to do household chores.

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