How to choose whether to buy open or closed toe terry slippers?


From 4 to 6 hours a day — so much on average a person wears slippers. Home shoes can be very different. Someone prefers to do without slippers at all, but likes to walk barefoot. For those who cannot do without house slippers, we are in a hurry to tell you about terry slippers with a closed and open nose.

The terry fabric from which the slippers are made is a natural cotton material, hypoallergenic and breathable, pleasant to the skin and retaining its appearance for a long time. Terry prevents the occurrence of a «greenhouse effect» inside the slippers, in addition, the open heel allows air to circulate freely, thanks to which the feet in slippers do not sweat. The fabric has light massage properties. It does not deform, does not shrink or stretch, while being very pleasant to the touch. It is easy to look after a product, it is possible to wash, including in the washing machine.

1. Slippers with an open toe from Smart Textile, made of soft terry fabric, are ideal for summer heat and warm rooms, as they are breathable. The slipper’s open toe and breathable 100% cotton material keeps moisture from building up inside the slippers, keeping feet dry at all times. Terry slippers are comfortable after showering or taking a bath — they will absorb water left on your feet and dry quickly.

2. House slippers with a closed nose from Smart Textile made of terry fabric are comfortable and practical shoes for the house, in the heat these slippers will not be very hot, and in the cold they will perfectly warm. The main material is double cotton terry with a short pile. It is not only pleasant to the touch, but also has excellent qualities: wear-resistant, easy to care for, perfectly breathable. Your feet will be warm, but they will not sweat.

Models of slippers with an open heel are simple and comfortable, they are easy to put on for both children and the elderly. It is convenient to buy slippers for the house in several sizes and colors, they will always come in handy, for example, when you need to get ready for a trip or guests unexpectedly arrive. Slippers are very easy to care for — they can be washed in a washing machine, they are well washed, dry quickly, retain their color and do not deform. The sole of the slippers is made of wear-resistant, lightweight and flexible EVA material.

Treat yourself and loved ones with wonderful domestic products that will help make life more comfortable.


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