How to choose the size of a dog collar?

Finally, a four-legged barking friend has appeared in the house! You have been dreaming about this for a long time, and it does not matter if you took a dog from a breeder with a pedigree or from a shelter. However, there are also issues that need to be resolved. You need to go to the store, buy everything you need to walk your pet. For example, a leash, a collar, and someone even a muzzle. In order not to be mistaken in size and not to throw away money in vain, it is not necessary to rely on sellers offering a variety of pet products. It’s better to figure out for yourself how to choose the size of a collar for a dog. After all, breeds differ from each other, and, of course, the dimensions of dogs. So, the collars for them are also different. And what is good for a lap dog or dachshund will not work for a Doberman or Alabai.

So how do you know the size of a dog collar. Who has not come across owners who care about the material and appearance of the “teams” of pets. But first you should think about how to determine the size of the collar for the dog, how long and wide it should be.

Start by finding out the volume of your pet’s neck. To do this, use a tape for seamstresses (it is often called a centimeter). How to find out the size of a dog collar, having this tape with you? Place or seat the animal motionless for a few seconds. Then grab the area where the dog usually has a collar. This place is called the base of the neck.

Of course, you need to take measurements, as they say, «including common sense.» The animal should not suffocate or experience discomfort from the harness, so do not press the sewing tape to the body. Don’t let it dangle or dangle. We need a golden mean.

After measuring, add to the figure that you get another 5 to 7 cm. The length of the collar that you need will come out. Do not lose sight of such a parameter as width. Most often, owners buy collars that are 2-3 cm wide. They are suitable for medium-sized dogs. Of course, for small and large, this parameter will change in one direction or another. Consider the specific characteristics of the animal. A thin collar often strongly compresses, cuts into the skin. The dog will be uncomfortable. Very wide belts are contraindicated for dogs with long hair — diaper rash occurs under them.

Owners should be interested not only in how to choose a collar for a dog according to the size of the neck, but also how to adjust it. After all, the dog should also feel comfortable, and the owner should easily manage it. Experts believe that the best option is if an adult’s fingers can easily pass between the strap and the skin. But this is if you have a big dog. For the rest, not so dimensional pets, just stick one finger into this space. If it passes without difficulty, then you did everything right.

It is also important what species your four-legged friend belongs to. How to choose the size of a collar for a dog, based on the characteristics of its breed? Very simple! You should look at how manufacturers classify their products. When studying the question of how to determine the size of a collar for a dog, the owner should proceed not only from what breed it belongs to, but how active it is, how it behaves, whether it is a male or a female . If the pet is taken from a shelter, the breed cannot be determined, or it is a mestizo, then proceed from the actual height of the animal.

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