How to choose the right smart watch: useful tips for beginners.


Operating system

The smart watch has a full-fledged operating system. The most common:

1. Wear OS (formerly Android Wear) is an open source development by Google. It is compatible with all Android and iOS smartphones. Our smartwatches run on this platform.

3. watchOS — installed on Apple watch, compatible with iPhone only.

4. Tizen OS — Samsung’s Linux-based operating system is integrated into some Samsung watches and resembles Wear OS in many ways. The manufacturer uses both operating systems: the Galaxy Watch series has an OS from Google.

5. OS from Xiaomi — watches from this manufacturer run on their own operating system. It has a simple, intuitive interface.

6. Garmin — this OS is used only in devices of the same name. It has a set of sports programs, health monitoring sensors, navigation and other services necessary for athletes.

Choose a fitness watch with the same operating system installed on your smartphone. In this case, there will be no compatibility issues.

Watch type

Adult and children’s models differ in design, size and functionality. Children’s smart watches are smaller, lighter, brighter than adult models.

They have additional parental control options:

1. GPS to track the location of the child;
2. Viewing the history of his movements;
3. Installation of safe geographical zones;
4. Remote listening;
5. SOS message to the parent’s phone;
6. Search for hours by sound signal.


Smart devices are:

1. Rectangular and square (Apple Watch, X7 PRO, Xiaomi);
2. Round (Samsung galaxy watch 4, Huawei smart watch).

Classic or sporty design. Classical models are strict, in a minimalistic style, stylized as wrist mechanics.

A sports watch has all the necessary applications and indicators in front of your eyes on the display. The watch is equipped with dust and moisture protection, shockproof.

Housing material

Smart watches are available with plastic, metal and ceramic cases. Material is one of the main criteria affecting the life of the device.

1. Plastic is used in inexpensive watch cases. It is light, but fragile — it cracks when dropped and hit.

2. Metal (aluminum alloy) is found in models of the middle and premium price segment (model X7 PRO is an analogue of Apple watch). The metal case is wear-resistant, protected from mechanical deformations.

3. Ceramics is the most expensive material used in the production of limited series of smart devices.

Strap material

The reference is the Apple watch strap made of soft hypoallergenic silicone.

Silicone is durable and will not crack or tear with daily use. Most smartwatches on the Russian market have silicone bracelets.

There are leather and stainless steel straps. The disadvantage of a metal accessory is the weight of 150-200 g. The hand sometimes gets tired of it.

Straps are removable and non-removable. The former are preferable — you can replace them at any time.


The brightness of the picture on the display depends on the type of matrix. A clear high-quality image is given by:

1. IPS (fitness watch X7 PRO);
3. Super AMOLED;
4. OLED.
5. TFT technology is outdated, but it is still found in some budget watches.


Each device has a different set of sensors:

— pedometer;
— calorie counter;
— heart rate monitor;
— heart rate monitoring;
— determination of the level of oxygen in the blood;
— sleep monitoring;
— analysis of body composition (similar to smart scales);
— determination of the level of stress;
— a reminder to stretch.

Developers are constantly coming up with new useful features. For example, the Samsung Galaxy Watch praises the user when they get up and go for a walk. In addition, Samsung smart watches do an electrocardiogram. This function will not replace a consultation with a doctor, but it will warn you about changes that require attention.

Additional functions

Smart wrist devices can do a lot:

— smart watches with NFC can be used to pay for goods and services;
— some models determine the height, underwater depth, atmospheric pressure;
— from them you can control the music and camera of your smartphone;
— built-in alarm clock will wake the user;
— the detection module will find the smartphone;
— The GPS sensor will receive data from the satellite about the location of the smartphone.

The more features, the more expensive the smart device. If there is no need for an NFC sensor or a search for a smartphone, then there is no point in overpaying for them.

Ability to work without a smartphone

It, again, depends on the installed sensors and modules. A phone for a run is not required if the watch has a GPS sensor. He will build the route himself and transfer the data to the mobile application.

You can connect to the Internet and view information, communicate in instant messengers through the built-in Wi-Fi module. As a replacement for a smartphone, they are not always convenient, but they will help out in negotiations, in the gym or on a run.

Operating time on one charge

In most models, the battery capacity is enough for 5-10 days in standby mode. With active surfing on the Internet, using GPS and other sensors, you will have to charge the gadget every 2-3 days.


Decide what kind of watch you need — classic or sports. Write down the required functions on a piece of paper and select models for them. So you save 25-30% on the purchase, but not on the quality of the device.

We wish you a happy shopping and waiting in our store! Best Regards, SMART PROJECT Co.


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