How to choose the most comfortable sled for fishing, hunting and hiking

Sled sled is an essential equipment for winter fishing, hunting or long-distance ski trips. They come in handy at home too. They are convenient to use for transporting firewood, water and other necessary things, for example, in a winter cottage.

Which sled to choose

There are several options:

  • Inflatable. They can be PVC or rubber.
  • Models on skids. Made of plastic, metal or wood.
  • Monolithic plastic sled drags. This is the most ergonomic, durable and roomy option.

Why choose monolithic plastic drag sleds

Plastic fishing sleds are very light, but at the same time able to withstand large loads. This is a very important point, especially during long transitions, when any weight is noticeable. They will not let you down even when you need to deliver a good catch or rich prey. High sides make the fishing sled roomy even with small sizes. It doesn’t matter what kind of snow under your feet is loose or with crust. Plastic sleds do not have runners and therefore do not fail, do not get stuck in snowdrifts. The corrugated bottom provides easy sliding, so they stretch with minimal effort. It is very difficult to turn them over, since the center of gravity is at the lowest point. Sledges for winter fishing are made of frost-resistant high-density polyethylene, they do not become brittle at sub-zero temperatures, so they will serve faithfully for many years.

The Vash Lyubimiy Prud brand offers reliable drag sleds for fishermen, hunters and travelers. Choose the model that suits your needs, taking into account the dimensions of the overall equipment, for example, a fishing box, auger and a tent. Also, do not forget about the placement of small things. Everything must fit in the sled so that the hands remain free. Toga, even a long journey will not be burdensome. For solid fishing, capacious drag sleds of the C-1/1 model are suitable. Size 143 x 73 x 25 cm.

It is also convenient to go on long hikes with them. If there is not much equipment, it makes sense to pay attention to the C-6 model. These fishing sleds have a size of 82x42x20 cm. Even if you get out for winter fishing from time to time, such an acquisition will justify itself. Already on the very first trip, you will appreciate how convenient it is to move around when all your equipment is carried by drag sledges.

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