What is protein for? Protein (or protein) is necessary for the life of the body, since it is the main building material for the formation of cells. Literally everything in the body needs protein on a daily basis: muscles, tendons, bones, hair, nails and skin.

Why is protein especially important for weight loss?

With a decrease in calorie intake and an active lifestyle, the body experiences stress and uses the internal resource of the body to provide energy, while in the first place it is not fat reserves that are under attack, but muscle fibers, which consist of protein.

Therefore, it is so important to replenish the body’s necessary need for protein every day. Its sufficient amount allows you to speed up the metabolism (metabolism) and significantly speed up the process of reducing fat reserves.

The mechanism is very simple: the body uses proteins, fats and carbohydrates from food for energy, and during intense exercise it also accelerates the mobilization (transport) of fatty acids from the fat depot (fat reserves) to the mitochondria, where, during the oxidation process, fat reserves become an additional source energy for physical activity and we are rapidly losing weight. The intake of protein allows you to save muscles, so we, while burning fat, simultaneously preserve muscles, as if a skilled craftsman carves out the outlines of a future beautiful figure from a shapeless lump.

How to choose the best protein for weight loss?

The inquisitive minds of scientists have long known the answer: a multicomponent protein, that is, one that contains several different types of protein in its composition. So you get the maximum benefit: several types of protein with different amino acid profiles (that is, with a different ratio of amino acids that are so necessary for the body).

A fair question is brewing: what multicomponent protein will help you lose weight? We will answer this question in detail later, but if you are too lazy to read, scroll to the next heading and you will immediately go to a product created specifically for this purpose.

There are 2 main sources of protein: vegetable (peas, beans, lentils, chickpeas) and animal (milk, meat, eggs). Which is better to choose? As you now know, the value of a protein is primarily determined by the diversity of its amino acid profile. Plant proteins are significantly inferior to animal protein sources in terms of amino acid profile diversity and also have a lower digestibility rate.

There is one but: if you have a severe lactose intolerance or you are a vegetarian, there is an excellent alternative to animal proteins in all respects for you — spirulina. Good absorption, rich amino acid profile, and many vitamins. However, it loses in one thing: in price. If you follow the daily intake, you need to eat a lot of spirulina, while not forgetting about other plant sources of protein for a varied diet.

So, we decided that we need a multicomponent protein with proteins of animal origin. Now you need to decide on the form of protein coverage: cocktail or bars.

Compare the composition, BJU and price


The most popular protein bars cost an average of 150-300 rubles, BJU varies, but on average we get 60 gr. bar, where 10-20 gr. protein, with an approximately equal ratio with carbohydrates — 20-30 gr., of which simple carbohydrates 8-15 gr. (that is, pure sugar), 1.5-2 gr. fats, the rest (that is, 3-7 gr.) is, as a rule, fiber. Now we look at the ratio of protein types in the composition: as a rule, the composition includes whey protein isolate (this is good), whey protein concentrate (also good), and then pea or soy protein isolates (cheap bars do contain only vegetable proteins and then no more than 16 % per bar)

Protein shakes

On average, the price of one serving is 50-80 rubles, the ratio of BJU per serving is 30-32 grams: Proteins 18-25 grams, Fats 1.5-3.5 grams, Carbohydrates 3.5-6 grams. (1-2.5 gr. simple carbohydrates) and 0.5-1.5 gr. fiber. The ratio of protein types in the composition, as a rule, is as follows: whey protein concentrate, whey protein isolate, casein protein (or egg white).


We take as a basis the golden rule of BJU ratio for the daily needs of the body:

2-3 gr. protein per 1 kg. your weight, 4-5 gr. carbohydrates per 1 kg. your weight and 0.5 gr. fat per 1 kg. weight.

That is, with a weight of 60 kg, in order to maintain the correct functioning of the body, it is necessary to consume 120-180 grams. protein, 240 -300 gr. carbohydrates and 30 gr. fats.

Due to 2-3 meals (subject to a healthy diet without snacks, sweets, alcohol and pastries) during the day, on average, you cover the body’s need for Protein by 60-70%, for Carbohydrates 90-100%, for fats 70- 80%.

Thus, due to protein shakes or protein bars, you get the required amount of trace elements. On average, to get the required amount, you need to drink 2 more protein shakes or eat 2-3 protein bars during the day. Total: 300-350 rubles per day for bars, provided that the amount of sugar consumed in your diet is significantly increased, or 100-130 rubles per day for protein shakes, subject to a balanced composition and without excess sugar.

The best protein for weight loss

Brand tree of life took into account all the necessary nuances in the development protein shake Body Lite and already takes its rightful place in the top of the best proteins for weight loss.




Whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate, egg white — the perfect balance of protein types in a multicomponent protein. Whey and milk protein isolates are free of excess lactose (milk sugars) and carbohydrates, while maintaining a high concentration of protein, as well as giving the shake a light and pleasant texture. Egg white completes the amino acid profile and also gives the cocktail a rich and thick foam.


For 1 cocktail serving of 30 grams (1 sachet) — 4.5 grams of fiber. The high fiber content improves the functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, which in turn improves metabolism and directly affects the acceleration of the weight loss process. Fiber also affects texture Body Lite cocktailgiving it a richer and more pleasant density.

natural flavors

Natural aromatics allows you to get the most natural taste and pleasant aroma when preparing a protein shake, as well as minimize the risks of allergic reactions.


The absence of sugar allows you to drink it without risk for the figure both before going to bed and use it as a tasty and quick, and most importantly, healthy snack during the day.

Aspartame Free

AT protein shake Body Lite only the thermostatic sweetener sucralose is used, so the protein powder can be used without health risks both for cocktails and for pp-baking or desserts.

Avoid protein shakes with aspartame (E951): when ingested, aspartame breaks down, including into the metabolite diketopiperazine, which, based on recent studies, is carcinogenic to the central nervous system (CNS).

Gluten Free

Almost 10% of the world’s population and, statistically, 15% of the Russian population suffer from celiac disease or gluten intolerance, so it is extremely important to pay attention to the composition when choosing protein shakes. AT protein shake Body Lite gluten-free, thereby minimizing the likelihood of discomfort from allergic reactions.

Ease of use

Packing in protein shake Body Lite made in the form of a box with 15 portion sachets. You can take a portion of a cocktail with you and have a convenient and tasty snack at any time! No need to measure out a portion of the cocktail: open the sachet, pour into a shaker with 200-250 ml. with water or any other drink you like, shake it for 1 minute and your delicious slimming cocktail is ready!

Variety of flavors

In line protein shake Body Lite for weight loss 10 tastes are presented:

Chocolate (Chocolate)

Vanilla (Vanilla)

Strawberry (Strawberry)

Mango (Mango)

Melon (Melon)

Creme Brulee (Creme Brulee)

Banana (Banana)

White Chocolate (White Chocolate)

Peach (Peach)

Papaya (Papaya)

Recommendations for use

To Body Lite brought you not only pleasure, but also maximum benefit, and also helped in weight loss, there are some useful tips for using it.

Breakfast to be! Breakfast is the main meal of the day, so never skip it. Cocktail Body Lite ideal for taking it in the morning to quickly satisfy hunger and cover the lack of amino acids that did not enter the body all night. We enjoy the taste of the cocktail and nourish the muscles!

Lunch, brunch, snack? You have already had breakfast for a long time, there is still plenty of time before lunch, but you want to eat? Enough tolerating this! Body Lite Protein Shake would be the perfect solution!

Feed Your Muscles Before Your Workout! Muscles are important to saturate with amino acids before exercise. Have a drink Body Lite cocktail approximately 1 hour before strength training.

Easy to lose weight! Use the formula (given above) to calculate your BJU and calories and just follow it. Once a month you can treat yourself (sweets, soda, fast food, etc.), but try to include this cheat meal in your daily KBJU as well. BUT Body Lite will help you not to break loose when you really want something harmful.

Sport — is life! Go in for sports, gradually increasing the intensity of the load: without training, weight loss will go slowly, and the figure will remain heterogeneous. Sport is for health, not for self-torture: be smart when choosing a load and contact a professional trainer who will give individual recommendations based on your body type and characteristics of your body.

Water is needed, water is important. Keep the water-salt balance in the body: reduce the amount of salt consumed (it retains water in the body), and increase water intake.

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