How to choose the best protective glass for your phone


Everyone, when buying a new smartphone, cannot stop admiring its appearance. Unfortunately, wearing the phone in your bag and in your pocket reflects on its screen and back. Even the best glasses from manufacturers are easily scratched even with careful use. Every modern phone has a wide screen. This is not just a device for calls, but a whole world that allows you to work, watch movies and make purchases. The larger the screen of the device, the better. For him, you must definitely choose a durable protective glass for your smartphone.

Why you need a protective glass for your smartphone

There are statistics according to which every second owner of a mobile phone at least once broke his screen. There is also a separate category of people who break every new smartphone without exception. Seeing a person with a broken phone screen is a common thing. Only such a gadget looks untidy, it spoils the mood with its appearance. Owners of broken phones try not to pay attention to this unfortunate misunderstanding. But fixing the device is more expensive than the best protective glass for smartphones.

Where do cracks on smartphone screens come from?

Smartphones are usually broken, slipping out of the hands of their owners. Almost all modern models are made of glossy metal, they have a large screen size and decent weight. Not dropping your smartphone if your hands are dry or in cream is not an easy task. Ideally, if at the time of the fall, a protective glass for smartphones is glued on it.

Many smartphones fall out of pockets. If you bend down or sit down, then the gadget will easily fall out of the pockets of jeans and jackets. There are also emotional citizens who break smartphones by throwing them at the wall.

Breaking a phone is not difficult. But fixing it after is expensive and unfortunately not always a high-quality procedure. For fixing a gadget, they may be asked for a cost equivalent to the price of at least five protective glasses for smartphones.

What is safety glass

Protective glass for a smartphone is designed to save the gadget when it falls and is used. It is solid and multi-layered, so it will easily take all the blows.

Good screen protectors for a smartphone consist of silicone, deterrent, anti-reflective, safety and oleophobic layers. For example, the best glasses for a smartphone from Cavolo are tightly attached to the screen, do not allow damage to the gadget itself, are responsible for maintaining the brightness of the gadget’s backlight, absorb bumps and scratches, and also prevent grease stains, streaks and moisture from remaining on the surface of the phone. The level of protection is exhaustive, no film and no factory glass of the gadget can be compared in strength with protective glasses for a smartphone from Cavolo.

How to choose a protective glass for your smartphone

When choosing glass to protect the screen of a smartphone, it is recommended to pay attention to the model of the phone. Protective glasses for smartphones from Cavolo fit perfectly on popular gadget models, but they are not universal. Each model of protective glass for smartphones is designed for devices from specific manufacturers. Choose the right protective glass for your smartphone so that it covers the entire screen, but does not touch the speakers and camera eyes.

The thickness and strength of the protective glass for smartphones matters. The appearance of the phone and the level of screen protection depend on this. It is believed that thick screen protectors for smartphones provide the maximum level of protection, but they visually enlarge the gadget in size and make it less attractive. Pay attention to protective glasses for smartphones from Cavolo. They perfectly protect the gadget, do not affect the touch control of the phone and at the same time are hardly noticeable on the screen.

Cavolo is a durable protective glass for smartphones. It will not crack when sticking to the display, will not let you down when the gadget falls from a height. You will be satisfied with the appearance of the phone and if the device falls, an emergency will not happen to it.

How to choose a protective glass coating for a smartphone

For some, the type of coating on a protective glass for a smartphone is of great importance. Others do not see the difference between them. There are matte and glossy screen protectors for smartphones, as well as ultra-clear and privacy coatings. Matte with a bang copes with bright light, it does not glare and does not fade in the sun. Ideal for using your smartphone in bright rooms or outdoors. Glossy is considered the standard type of protective glass coating for smartphones. It does not carry any additional functions.

The ultra-clear glass will be almost invisible on the screen of the smartphone, and the privacy protective glass for the smartphone is perfect for those who do not want people standing next to them to be able to see what is happening on the screen of the device.

How to buy the best protective glass for your smartphone

A good protective glass for a smartphone cannot be cheap. What can be bought on the Asian marketplace for a penny, in most cases, cracks while sticking to a smartphone or after a couple of days of use. If you are interested in the question: how much does a protective glass for a smartphone cost, then keep in mind that it is much cheaper than fixing the gadget screen after a fall.

Cavolo — Protective glasses for smartphones made of special high-strength materials. They will protect your smartphone screen from scratches and damage. Cavolo is one of the best screen protectors for thin smartphones, with a special edge processing technology and thoughtful cutouts for the camera and speakers. They do not leave fingerprints.

The optimal design of protective glasses for Cavolo smartphones will fit the style of modern phone models. It is easy to install and protects the entire display of your phone without compromising color reproduction or touch screen sensitivity.

Protective glass for iPhones, Samsungs and other phones from Cavolo is ideal for protective cases. It peels off easily when needed, leaving no adhesive residue. If you need a quality protective glass for your smartphone, you will receive it in individual packaging with a special installation kit. A damp cloth and dust removal stickers will allow you to quickly install the protective glass on your smartphone. The difference between Cavolo and other protective glasses for smartphones is that all products are tested for defects before being sold. You will get one of the most durable smartphone screen protectors that will keep your gadget safe.


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