Not every girl can boast of thick eyelashes by nature. To make the look deeper and more expressive, the fair sex use mascara. Manufacturers of decorative cosmetics offer a huge range of products, among which it is not easy to navigate. We will tell you which mascara to choose, to emphasize the beauty of the eyes and pass for a real master of makeup.

Types of mascaras

The main thing we achieve when using mascara is to create a certain effect. We focus in advance on the result we want to get after eye makeup. For the most part, the volume, twisting, lengthening or multi-effect depends on the components that make up the carcass.


If a woman needs an open expressive look, but by nature she is the owner of thin rare cilia, mascara for lash volume will help her. Cosmetics marked «volume» contain natural wax and weightless silicone additives for a 3D effect.


Twisting mascara is capable of giving cilia, even as an arrow, a curved shape. Its formula includes resin and keratin, which, after application, slightly tighten the hairs, changing their shape to a curved one. The effect of false eyelashes is acquired.


If the tube is marked «extend» or «length» — this is lengthening mascara. It contains crushed fibers of silk or fine artificial fibers, with which the length of the eyelashes is formed.

False eyelash effect:

A multifunctional mascara that is able to give volume, lengthen and paint over each eyelash very well. This mascara is very pigmented and is great for creating a bright and expressive look.

What to look for when choosing.

If you do not know how to choose the right mascara, compare 4 points:

  • feature of their eyelashes;
  • desired result;
  • the composition of the proposed carcasses;
  • brand of cosmetics.

The combination of ingredients is responsible for the safety of regular use. The composition of mascara includes wax, rubber, silicone, coloring pigments, but all must be marked «natural». Hypoallergenic mascara guarantees the absence of allergic reactions. Waterproof mascara creates a thin water-repellent film on the surface of the eyelashes.

It is better to take cosmetics from trusted brands. This is a guarantee of strict quality control of production, the use of modern equipment and high quality ingredients.

In addition to the type of mascara, the shape and design of the brush is of great importance.

Types of brushes

Properly selected mascara brushes allow you to easily and quickly apply the product to the eyelashes, giving an idea of ​​the final result from the first movements. Brushes can vary greatly in shape, length and arrangement of the villi.

Straight and narrow brush

Suitable for those with many short lashes. Can stain the hairs in the corners of the eyes. The best option for applying mascara on the lower lashes.


  • paints from different angles;
  • gives volume and increases length.

Curved brush

Not too thick, but with a natural curve of the eyelashes. This effect gives mascara with a curved brush. Great for base makeup. Adds a seductive look.


  • curls eyelashes;
  • lifts up.

Comb brush

If numerous cilia constantly stick together, a brush-comb will help. It separates the hairs and promotes uniform application of the cosmetic product.


  • adds length and volume;
  • gives neatness to eye makeup.

fluffy brush

When you need mascara for thick eyelashes, use a brush with high fluffy bristles. It provides thickness but requires skill to apply.


  • volume effect;
  • capturing lashes from root to tip.

Long applicator brush with well-divided bristles

With this brush, you can generously apply mascara to your eyelashes without fear of gluing them. Perfectly stains and lengthens from the first strokes.


  • visual increase in length;
  • separation of eyelashes.

small brush

For short upper and lower lashes, mascara with a small brush is suitable. Oval, straight or cone-shaped, it stains well and prevents hairs from sticking together.


  • makes an expressive image;
  • suitable for eyebrow shaping.

Do not forget that painted eyelashes are part of the make-up! Like any decorative tool, mascara also fits better on the base tool. The base for eyelashes allows you to pre-lengthen the cilia, thicken them, giving extra volume and fix their shape. In addition, many eyelash bases contain caring ingredients. Therefore, this tool will definitely be attributed to the category of useful makeup products!

As you can see, to make a bright and expressive look, it is not necessary to have thick and long eyelashes! In the beauty world, there are now a lot of variations of cosmetics, namely mascara, which will easily help you with this. The main thing is to find a product that suits you perfectly and emphasizes your natural beauty!

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