This question is most often addressed to us by buyers who want to purchase a high-quality, inexpensive video baby monitor to monitor their child or as a gift to young parents.

After we go through the entire range of existing models with them, find out the characteristics, compare the image quality and, of course, discuss the price segment, the choice of buyers stops at the AngelEye AE603 baby monitor. For us, this is not a surprise, because this video baby monitor combines all the necessary functions and has a relatively affordable price.

The parent unit of the AngelEye AE603 video baby monitor is the perfect size, it is not bulky, it is convenient to carry it with you, and at the same time it is not small, everything is perfectly visible on it. Due to the image quality, you can see even the smallest details in the child’s room.

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Absolutely all popular baby monitor models are equipped with night vision function, AngelEye AE603 is no exception. Powerful night illumination turns on automatically in the dark, allows you to get a high-quality image even in complete darkness. At the same time, infrared night illumination is not visible to the child’s eye, is harmless and does not interfere with his sleep.

Very often, especially in summer, buyers are concerned about the penetration of a baby monitor in a private house, for example, from the first to the second floor. Based on sales experience and customer feedback, we can confidently say that the AngelEye AE603 baby monitor does an excellent job of this task. You can safely leave the child to sleep in the room upstairs while you go about your business on the ground floor. If the signal disappears, then the baby monitor will definitely notify you with a sound signal, but if the child wakes up, you can calm him down with the sound of your voice, using two-way audio feedback.

The AngelEye AE603 baby monitor parent unit is equipped with a built-in battery and can work autonomously. The camcorder is connected to the network, but if you need to use a baby monitor, for example, outdoors, you can use absolutely any external battery (Power Bank) to power the camcorder.

Very often we are faced with a situation where parents do not understand why a sound sensor is needed and how to use it. To begin with, we want to say that the sound sensor is, first of all, saving the battery of the parent unit and a convenient indication that the child has woken up and needs your attention. From a technical point of view, when the sound sensor is turned on, the camera reacts to sounds in the children’s room and transmits a signal to the parent unit, which, in turn, is activated, turns on the display and begins to transmit outgoing sounds and video. When the sound sensor is turned on, there is no need to constantly look at the display of the parent unit, because you will understand that the child has woken up — when the display automatically turns on.

In this article, we have analyzed the main advantages of a baby monitor, but it does not mean that they end there. In addition to the basic features, the AngelEye AE603 video baby monitor is equipped with built-in lullaby melodies, a feeding timer and an alarm clock. For most buyers, the purpose of these functions is clear and accessible, it is easy to understand them using a simple and understandable menu in Russian.

But if you have any questions — write in the comments, and we will answer you.

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