How to choose shoes for narrow feet?


Many are faced with the problem of a narrow foot, but not everyone knows how to choose the right shoes for this feature. In the article we will give some tips on choosing shoes for a narrow foot.

Let’s start simple — determine whether you really have a narrow foot. To measure the fullness of the foot, you must perform the following steps:

  • measurements are taken in the evening, when the foot acquires the largest size;
  • both legs must be measured, choosing shoes for a larger value;
  • if winter or autumn shoes are bought, when measuring, the thickness of the sock or tights should be taken into account.
  • measurements are carried out very simply, for this you need to stand up and put your foot on a piece of paper. Then measure the length of the foot, accurately determining its size.
  • the next step is to measure the fullness of the foot, for this you need to take a centimeter soft tape and measure the width of the foot under the fingers — from one bone to another, getting the width in centimeters.

For the convenience of determining the completeness, you can use the following table.

If your foot still turned out to be narrow, then we suggest that you familiarize yourself with the tips for choosing shoes.

1. Choose shoes half a size SMALL. When the shoe breaks in, it sits wonderfully on the foot.

2. Our legs, fortunately, are not symmetrical, so the fullness of the left and right legs may differ. Focus on greater fullness when choosing shoes.

3. For a narrow foot, shoe models with a webbed ankle are perfect. The foot will be fixed as much as possible.

4. Change men’s shoes to women’s, and women’s shoes to children’s. The advice may seem strange, but it really works. For example, women’s sneakers and sneakers are much narrower than men’s. And if your size allows you to choose a model from the range of children’s shoes, then feel free to choose it. On the photo is a SHOESLEL shoe model, art. 1994

5. Choose shoes with arch support or buy an extra insole. To prevent your foot from slipping out of wide shoes, add an insole (it will provide a more secure fit).

6. Buy a model with lacing. Lace-up is the best solution for narrow feet. You can fix the leg of any fullness as comfortably as possible. We hope that these recommendations will help you find the perfect pair for your foot.

Below we leave links to models of SHOESLEL shoes made of genuine leather, which are simply created for a narrow foot:


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