How to choose jeans?


This year, as in previous years, denim items are at the peak of popularity. Over the years, styles change, new cuts and silhouettes appear. It is the changeability of fashion and the innovations introduced that do not allow jeans to go into oblivion, or at least into the shadows. Jeans have become a kind of classic and even managed to partially enter the business and official dress code. Casual casual style can no longer do without denim items, and it is already quite difficult to imagine them without denim items.

How to choose jeans?

When choosing jeans, the main role is played by the figure. After all, often taste preferences and fashion are completely incompatible, the two previous criteria and the figure are even more incompatible. In any case, the figure plays a decisive role, which is why, when choosing the style of jeans, you must first of all pay attention to the combination of these two components.


Owners of short stature should abandon flared jeans and loose styles. With the help of such cuts, you can visually significantly reduce growth, and when choosing a free cut, there is a risk of adding a few non-existent kilograms. In addition, these trousers significantly shorten the legs. In this case, tight-fitting straight-cut jeans are ideal; if you want to visually lengthen your legs, you can choose jeans with a high fit.
Tight jeans, loose-fitting models and flared models are suitable for tall women, but it is worth remembering that a loose fit is contraindicated for voluminous girls, so they will reduce height and add fullness.
Loose fit is perfect for tall thin girls. If you want to visually reduce growth, you can give preference to skinny jeans.

Length and size

Nowadays, when sewing jeans, as a rule, stretch is used. Many girls, fearing that such a fabric will shrink after washing, purchase a model one size smaller. It is not right. High-quality stretch does not stretch over time and the size of the jeans will not increase.
As for the length of the product, you should pay attention to the height and figure. When choosing skinny jeans, you should understand what they will be combined with in the future. If it is, for example, shoes with heels, then you need to choose models that cover at least half of the heel in length. If jeans are combined with flat shoes, then you should choose models that would cover the heel or sole at the back.
These rules do not apply to shortened models. There are practically no rules for cropped models, especially for tight jeans. Although according to fashion trends, cropped trousers should be slightly above the ankle, although in general the length can vary significantly.


For tall girls with excessive thinness who would like to slightly increase the volume, it is better to choose light-colored jeans from a rather dense material.
Owners of magnificent figures should give preference to dark models made of thin material.

Color spectrum

When choosing a shade, think in advance with which top you will wear jeans.
Light models can visually fill up, and dark ones, on the contrary, slim.
But, there are exceptions to any rule. Nobody canceled individuality, if you are comfortable in clothes that are contraindicated according to all the rules, do as you like.
Confidence decorates more than any clothes!


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