How to choose earrings for every day


All fashionistas know how an accessory group helps complete a look. But many have difficulties with the choice, we will help you figure it out and choose the basic earrings.

The first thing to consider is metal. You can focus on the color type or wardrobe. Girls with a cool skin tone, eyes and hair should choose a silver shade. Conversely, if you have a warm shade of hair and eyes, give preference to gold metal.

The second and most important is the shape and size of the product. Start from the size of the facial features. With miniature features, pay attention to sophisticated products with thin lines, respectively, for larger shapes, earrings for every day a little more than about 2 cm are suitable.

Try to choose basic earrings without bright stones and rhinestones, then there will be more options for combinations, without being tied to the color of the elements.

Delight yourself with new accessories that will make your look individual and whole. The Grechka brand always has a large selection of basic models, for different color types and face shapes, which are comfortable for every day, due to high-quality jewelry alloy and a silver carnation.


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